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WaterWise Smart Controller Program Registration


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    1. Smart Controller Program

    2. Water Customer Information

    3. The Smart Controller Program enables homeowners whose homes were built prior to 2007 to register their smart controllers with the city for a one-time rebate on their water utility bill for $100.00. Registration includes programming assistance and an irrigation check-up. Annual renewal contingent upon free sprinkler system inspection by City of Frisco Irrigators.

    4. Homes built prior to 2007 may be eligible for a one-time $100 rebate incentive. All Smart Controller Program applications will be reviewed for rebate eligibility. If approved, the rebate will applied to the water bill. Homes built after 2007 are not eligible for the rebate. Please Note: A city staff member will schedule your smart controller inspection and e-mail you with the date. After an inspection, city staff can approve the application for a rebate. All rebates are issued as a credit applied to the water bill account. Allow 1-2 weeks to process your application. Rebate incentives are applied after your appointment and may take one to two billing cycles to appear on your water utility bill.

    5. (As it appears on your City of Frisco Utility Billing Statement - see example)