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Frisco Community Awareness Night Block Party Registration Form

  1. Frisco Community Awareness Night Saturday, August 14, 2021

    Please register your Frisco CAN block party using the form on this page. Be sure to fill out all fields so we know who to contact (in the event that more information is needed) and where the party is being held.

    Will you need traffic cones?

    Send an email to Public Works with your party information. 

    NOTE: The use of city-owned traffic cones requires a $100.00 check deposit. 

    • Cones may be picked up and returned before 4 pm, Monday through Friday at the Department of Public Works at 11300 Research Road. 
    • Cones must be returned within 3 days from the end of the event. A fee will be assessed for lost or unreturned cones @ $25.00 per cone.
    • A maximum of 10 cones will be issued per event.
    • The deposit check will be returned upon the return of the traffic cones.

    Question? Send an email to Services.

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