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Open Season 2022 Application - Black Box Theater - Frisco Discovery Center

  1. Excluded Dates

    January 1, July 4, November 24, December 24 and 25, and every Monday from January 3-May 30 and September 5-December 26.

  2. Important Information

    - A separate application must be completed for each event hosted in 2022 in the Black Box. - A $25 non-refundable application fee will be charged per organization. This fee is non-refundable and will not go towards the rental balance. - The first submission deadline is March 19th. - The second submission deadline is April 5th.

  3. Disclaimer

    Please follow all instructions to ensure proper application submittal. Submitting an Open Season application does not guarantee reservation of your proposed booking dates, times, or requests. Open Season applications will not be processed until the end of the submission deadline. More information about the process can be found at the end of this application. If you have questions about the application or process, do not hesitate to contact us at

  4. Organization Information Form

  5. If none, write N/A

  6. First and Last Name

  7. If you do not have insurance, leave blank

  8. If you are not a 501(c)(3), leave blank

  9. Event Information Form

  10. If none, please write N/A

  11. Type of Event

  12. Children, Families, Adults, ect

  13. Will this event be ticketed?*

  14. If tickets can be purchased online, please provide the name of the website.

  15. If none, please write N/A

  16. Will this event use a Theatre Set?*

  17. Indicate only when set items will be loading in to the facility. Must be ONE day.

  18. Indicate only when set items will be loading out of the facility. Must be ONE day.

  19. Will this event have any specific technical needs?*

  20. Do not forget to account for setup and takedown time.

  21. Will this event be public or private?*

  22. Will food be served at this event?*

    Certain items may require a food permit with the City of Frisco, which you will be responsible for applying for.

  23. Will alcohol be served at this event?*

    Serving any amount of alcohol requires strict compliance with the Texas Beverage and Alcohol Commission (TABC), which you will be responsible for obtaining a permit from.

  24. Application Checklist

  25. Have you completed this form in whole?*

  26. Have you included a document listing your requested dates, times, and purpose of each date?*

  27. Will you pay your Organization's $25 Open Season fee with check or card?*

  28. Confirmation and Completion

    By signing this form: - I confirm that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. - I acknowledge the City of Frisco may use information contained in this application to market, promote, and inform the general public about the organization and/or event(s) through various means of publication (e.e. website, social media, ect). - I agree to work with the Discovery Center staff to best accommodate booking requests as it relates to or affects other groups. - I acknowledge that submission of this application does not guarantee booking dates and times requested within this application. - I accept that I may be denied some or all of the booking requests contained within this application.

  29. I acknowledge that this typed signature serves as my offical signature for the purpose of this application

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