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Request For A Continuance/Court Date Reset

  1. Read Carefully and Completely

    This form may be used by Defendants and Attorneys to make a first request for continuance or reset of a scheduled Pre-Trial or Trial Court date. If a continuance has been previously granted, a second or subsequent request must be made to the court in person, by mail, dropbox, or fax. This request cannot be used to extend the response date of citations past the 20 business days from issuance.

    DO NOT use this form if it is less than 24 hours before your court setting, if you already missed a court setting, if you are scheduled for a Show Cause Hearing, or  if your case is in warrant status. Please contact the court at 972-292-5555 to speak with a clerk about your options.

    Defendants and Attorneys agree to receive notice of the new court setting via email. Additionally, by sending this request you agree to not send duplicate requests by alternative means.

  2. Eligibility*

    Verify if any of these conditions apply to your case:

    1.  You are scheduled for a Show Cause Hearing.
    2.  You are set to appear in less than 24 hours
    3.  You have an active warrant for your arrest.
    4.  You have been previously granted a continuance or reset.
    5.  You already failed to appear or are past due for a scheduled court setting
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