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Driver's Safety Course Request

  1. Read Carefully and Completely

    You may use this form to send an AFFIDAVIT requesting the Driver's Safety Course (DSC) Dismissal. Before you continue, make sure that you are eligible. Also, you must supply all required documents (Texas Driver's License, Proof of Insurance, and DSC Affidavit).

    Sending this request does not guarantee approval.

    A Court staff will review your submission. Please allow up to 5 days for processing. You will be contacted by email or phone once a determination is made. If approved, you will get an email with a copy of the Court Order and payment instructions. If you are not eligible, you will be notified by email of that fact.

    IMPORTANT! Do not make a payment before getting a response from the court. You will lose the right to request DSC if you pay your citation early, and a conviction may be entered against  you.

  2. You must attach a scanned copy of your valid TEXAS Driver's License. Incomplete submission will be denied.

  3. You must attach a scanned copy of your Current Proof of Insurance that shows you as a listed driver. Incomplete submission will be denied.

  4. You must attach a scanned copy of your Sworn / Notarized Driver Safety Request Affidavit completely filled-out and signed. Get a copy here.

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