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Attorney Request For State's Offer Of Plea Agreement

  1. Attorney's Request for State's Offer Plea Agreement
    This form is only for licensed attorneys, in good standing with the State Bar of Texas, representing a Defendant in the Frisco Municipal Court. Attorneys agree to only provide this initial request via online submission and by no other method (E.g. no fax or mail). Attorneys will receive confirmation of submission within 72 hours. Attorneys agree to receive a State's Offer and respond to the State's Offer in writing via email. Your communication will be with the City Prosecutor not a Judge. Attorneys may include initial Letters of Representation (LOR) in the request for a State's Offer.
  2. Returning Your Signed Offer
    For Attorneys accepting a State's Offer, please sign and scan the offer and submit the attachment online via the Prosecutor’s Offer Acceptance and Submission e-Court Form.
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  5. Attach your request for a State's Offer and a LOR, if you have not previously filed one.
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