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Station Tour Request Form

  1. Tell Us About Your Request and Who To Contact.
  2. Please Note:
    All requests must be submitted at least ten (10) days in advance of the date you are requesting. Allow at least three (3) business days for processing. Incomplete forms may result in a delay in processing.
  3. My Tour Group is:
    If you are requesting a Station Tour Please select an appropriate option.
  4. We will not schedule on the following holidays: Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Thursday/Friday; Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, New Year's Day.
  5. We typically try to schedule during the hours of 9:00 -11:00 a.m. or 2:00 -5:00 p.m.  to avoid interfering with their meal times. 

  6. We ask that you limit your group to no more than 15 people.
  7. Which Station Do You Want To Tour?
    We recommend you visit the station in your neighborhood--to meet your Firefighter Neighbors.
  8. What's Next?
    Your form will be submitted to our Community Education Division for further processing. Please allow at least three (3) business days for a response. We will send an email confirmation regarding your request. Should you need to contact us, you may do so at [email protected].
  9. Closure Dates
    We do not schedule station tours on holidays. This time is reserved for the crews to allow their families a chance to visit. Please note, the Fire Department Community Education Division is closed on weekends and all City holidays. Requests submitted after noon on Fridays or the day before a holiday will be processed within three (3) days of the first regular business day after submission date.
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