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Metal Recycling Pick-Up

  1. Metal & Large Appliance Curbside Recycling

    Frisco Environmental Services has a curbside recycling program for metal and appliances. Frisco residents are able to use this service by scheduling a pick-up, placing their items by the curb on their scheduled pick-up date by 7 a.m., where your trash and recycling are regularly serviced. This service requires a one-time $15.00 trip fee on their next Frisco water bill.

    Please note all refrigerates, freezers, and wine coolers have Freon unless otherwise noted, and will incur a Freon extraction fee.

  2. Can be found on your water/trash bill from City of Frisco

  3. Items

    To schedule your metal and appliance pick-up, we must have a complete list of the items you would like to have picked-up. Anything not listed won't be picked up. The items must be what two Environmental Services Crew personnel can remove from the curb in 10 minutes.

    Unacceptable items include: non-metal items, electronic waste (including TVs), small kitchen gadgets automotive parts, and propane tanks.

    Refrigerators and freezers must be empty and sealed shut with tape.

    Multiple poles (ex. trampolines) should be secured with tape in bundles no heavier than 50 lbs and no longer than 6 feet.

    All fuels must be removed or drained. Propane tanks are not accepted and lawn equipment must have oil or gas drained. 

    Non-compliance with guidelines may result in a missed collection and incur a trip fee.

  4. If you have a question concerning an item for pick-up including questions on Freon-free tagging.

  5. Terms and Conditions*
    I understand there is a $15.00 trip charge for Metal and Recycling pick-up that will be added to my next Frisco water bill. I understand that if I do not cancel prior to the Wednesday at 7 a.m.the day before my scheduled pick-up I will still be charged $15.00 on my next Frisco water bill. I accept the $40.00 fee for each item containing Freon. If any item has been certified Freon-free this fee will be waived.
  6. Items with Freon*
    Freon is an aerosol propelled refrigerant. Items that contain Freon include: refrigerators, wine coolers, and freezers. The only way the above listed items do not contain Freon is if a licensed vendor has removed and tagged the appliance Freon-free
  7. Confirmation
    You will receive a confirmation email when our customer service representatives processes your request. Requests are only processed during normal business hours.
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