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Clean It & Green It Event Satisfaction Survey

  1. Clean It & Green It Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

    Thank you Clean It & Green It Super Volunteer! The work you did helps Keep Frisco Beautiful and takes care of the Earth. All of us at the City of Frisco appreciate your time and work. We hope you had as much fun participating in our event as we had preparing it!
    Information you provide here about your volunteer experience is completely anonymous, and will be used for the sole purpose of continuing to improve our Clean It & Green It event.

  2. Is this your first time participating in Clean It & Green It*

  3. What type of organization did you volunteer with*

  4. How satisfied were you with the registration/ waiver process?

  5. How satisfied were you with the supply pick-up process (team coordinators only, please)

  6. How satisfied were you with the litter clean-up?

  7. How satisfied were you with the Earth Day Celebration at IKEA?

  8. Why did you choose to participate in Clean It & Green It (you may select more than one)

  9. Overall, how satisfied were you with Clean It & Green It?

  10. How strongly do you agree with the following statement: My contributions as a volunteer were valued, I feel I made a difference.

  11. Do you anticipate volunteering with Clean It & Green It next year?

  12. Thank you for participating in our survey!

    Your answers will be used to help improve on this event for future years.

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