What are the plans for Elm Street?

As part of the downtown improvement project, Elm Street is being reconstructed to become more integrated into downtown activity.  It will have new parking spaces on each side and will become a route to the future 4th Street Plaza and its future parking garage.  As the parking spaces are removed from Main Street, to make room for wider sidewalks and sidewalk cafes, more parking activity will occur on Elm Street and more traffic will need to turn in and out of Elm Street at 5th Street.  In addition, more pedestrians are expected to cross 5th Street at Elm Street.  To address these issues and avoid gridlock problems, a traffic signal will be constructed at the intersection of 5th and Elm.  The new traffic signal will work in concert with the existing traffic signal at 5th and Main to help prevent northbound traffic, heading towards Main Street, from blocking the Elm Street intersection. 

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10. What are the plans for Elm Street?