Fire Prevention

Under Texas Civil Service law, several Fire Prevention positions are covered and are required to follow the Civil Service hiring and promotion regulations. These positions would include:

  • Fire Marshal 
  • Assistant Fire Marshal 
  • Fire Inspector 
  • Fire Investigators 
  • Bomb Dog and Handler (EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal) 
  • Frisco Fire Safety Town (Community Education) 

The best way to fight fires is to prevent fires. Texas Civil Service law prohibits the Frisco Fire Department from hiring and promoting trained and skilled individuals that desire to work in fire prevention and have a passion for this work. Instead, Fire Prevention positions become assignments that must be fill by certified firefighters that may not have the desire to perform this type of work. Additionally, the FFD cannot require that individuals hired in Fire Prevention have any Prevention training before being placed in those positions. Often no sooner does a firefighter get trained in Fire Prevention and start to understand the position then they test and promote out of Fire Prevention.

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