Would you define unfamiliar terminology noted in the TIA?

The TIA uses industry standard terminology commonly used by traffic engineers. Below are general definitions:

  • Highway Capacity Manual – This document defines how to calculate the capacity and operations of a roadway and its intersections. It is the nationwide standard used by traffic engineers to analyze existing and proposed traffic operations and assign a grade (A through F) based on the amount of delay motorists experience. 
  • Synchro Software – This is a widely used software enabling traffic engineers to build roadway and intersection models to be tested.  Engineers test models for traffic impacts due to growth and new construction, developments.  Engineers can also test various improvements including, but not limited to, new turn lanes or modified signal timing. 
  • VISSIM – This is traffic simulation software used to analyze the flow of traffic. Engineers use it to envision what type of congestion might arise and why.   VISSIM can create traffic animation, which depicts proposed traffic interactions involving roadways, intersections, onramps and offramps, as well as peak and non-peak traffic hours. 

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3. Would you define unfamiliar terminology noted in the TIA?
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