What do I need to know about Zika and other viruses?

Collin County Health Care Services confirmed in May 2016 a positive, travel-related case of the Zika virus in a Frisco resident. The Texas Department of State Health Services website encourages people to use caution when traveling in regions and countries where Zika virus transmission is ongoing. DSHS recommends the following steps to avoid mosquito bites.

Check out the website for the Centers for Disease Control for more information about Zika virus and other mosquito viruses. For more information, contact the City of Frisco’s Health & Food Safety Division of the Development Services Department at 972-292-5304 or go to www.FriscoTexas.gov/WNV . Experts says Zika virus symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes that may persist up to a week. 

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1. What is the City of Frisco doing about mosquito viruses?
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17. What do I need to know about Zika and other viruses?
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