The State requires inlet protection. Right?
No. In the past, the SWP3 designer may have included inlet protection on the SWP3. The new ordinance will require SWP3 designers to use other BMPs.

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1. When did the new ordinance become effective?
2. What is the right of way?
3. Does this apply to the franchise utility companies and their contractors and sub contractors?
4. Does this apply to builders and their contractors?
5. Does this affect construction of new subdivisions?
6. Can I be grandfathered?
7. The State requires inlet protection. Right?
8. How can pollutants be reduced without inlet protection?
9. Can inlet protection cause buildings to be flooded?
10. Are there types of inlet protection that can be used?
11. Where should the placard be on the job site?
12. Can I print my own placard?
13. Can materials be stored on the street?
14. Can materials be stored in the right of way behind the curb?
15. Who is responsible if a subcontractor makes a mess?
16. Who do I contact for more information?