What can be done about speeding on my residential street?
According to state law, the speed limit on residential streets is 30mph whether a sign is posted or not. Vehicle speeds are notoriously difficult for pedestrians to accurately guess, so we suggest you stand in your yard and have someone drive by at 30mph so you can see what a car driving the speed limit looks like. If you believe traffic is going faster than 30mph on your street, you can contact the Police Department at 972-292-6164 to request that they place their radar speed trailer on your street and/or conduct a directed patrol. You can also call 972-292-5400 and ask to speak to a Traffic Engineer and request that we conduct a speed study on your street.

The speed study will determine the actual speeds of cars throughout the day. Depending on the results, we can install additional 30 mph speed limit signs, increase the visibility of a pedestrian crossing, or we can ask the Police Department to conduct a directed patrol during times when speeding is occurring. We can also suggest an HOA education campaign (because it is typically the residents of your neighborhood who are speeding because they are so familiar with the streets). In rare cases where speeds are high, the city can allow the neighborhood to install and maintain a permanent radar speed board.

The City of Frisco does not install speed bumps or humps on public streets, nor do we install stop signs to control vehicle speed (see more detailed responses about these items elsewhere on this page). The city also does not lower the speed limit on individual residential streets; instead the city maintains a consistent residential speed limit across the city and in line with state law.

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