How do I request a new traffic signal?
Please call 972-292-5400 and ask to speak to a Traffic Engineer. If the intersection in question is eligible for a traffic signal, it will be added to a list of locations that we monitor on an annual basis. We will observe and collect the traffic volumes at all of these potential traffic signal locations and see if they meet the nationally standardized criteria for justifying the installation of a traffic signal. All of the locations that meet the necessary threshold will be prioritized based on traffic volumes, conflicting movements, and other factors. The city will then assign the funding available that year to the top ranked locations.

It is not possible to install a traffic signal at every intersection for a number of reasons, so a particular intersection may not be eligible for a traffic signal. If it is eligible, it may take years before it reaches the top of the priority list for installation. At any intersection, we recommend that citizens take an alternative route instead of making a maneuver that makes them uncomfortable. Whether an uncontrolled intersection is a candidate for a traffic signal or not, it may be necessary for motorists to take an alternative route during busy times of the day instead of making a left-turn or going straight across an intersection. For example, motorists can turn right and then make a u-turn at another location.

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