Current Bids

  1. Reference #: 2402-064. Name: 24601_Panther Creek Reuse Line (Legacy Drive to Dallas North Tollway)

    Description: The CONTRACTOR shall perform all of the Work as specified in the Contract Documents. The Work is generally described as follows: The construction of 2,599 linear feet of 12-inch and 168 linear feet of 8-inch PVC (AWWA C900, DR-18,...

  2. Reference #: 2402-066. Name: Hillcrest Road, Panther Creek to PGA _19140

    Description: Construct approximately 1,090 LF of southbound lanes on Hillcrest Road from 150 feet south of Santiago Road to Aragon Lane and approximately 1,220 LF of southbound lanes from Alviria Drive to 400 feet south of PGA Parkway. Work includes...

  3. Reference #: 2411-026. Name: Property Mowing

    Description: It is the intent of these specifications to describe the services required for municipal landscape maintenance for specific property or properties, located within the City of Frisco that are owned by the CDC, EDC, or located within the...

  4. Reference #: 2401-059. Name: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

    Description: The City of Frisco is seeking bids on Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBA) and related accessories. Project closes Mar 07, 2024 2:00 PM CST.

  5. Reference #: 2401-057. Name: Event Stage, Sound, & Lighting

    Description: The City of Frisco is seeking an annual contract for Event Stage, Sound, & Lighting Rentals for City events throughout the year. Project closes Mar 14, 2024 2:00 PM CDT.

  6. Reference #: 2401-058. Name: Event Power Packages

    Description: The City of Frisco is seeking an annual contract for Event Power Packages for several City events to be hosted throughout the year. Project closes Mar 15, 2024 2:00 PM CDT.

  7. Reference #: 2401-052. Name: 16109 PGA Parkway (Preston Road-Coit Road)

    Description: Construct approximately 10,500 LF of PGA Parkway to replace the existing 2-lane rural asphalt section with a six-lane divided thoroughfare concrete section from Preston Road to Coit Road as well as 500 LF of Hillcrest Road pavement...

  8. Reference #: 2412-034. Name: 88255_3RD Street and Maple Street Paving and Drainage Improvements

    Description: The project generally includes the reconstruction of paving, sidewalk, and drainage improvements, and drainage appurtenances along 300 linear feet of 3RD Street and 70 linear feet of Maple Street in Frisco, Texas. Bid Opening: Video...

  9. Reference #: 2401-048. Name: Frisco Downtown Development

    Description: The City of Frisco is seeking responses from development team(s) to plan and develop the Site (defined as the half-block between 3rd and 4th Street on the south side of Main Street) which was once Frisco’s mercantile area. Project closes...

  10. Reference #: 2402-065. Name: Trail Wayfinding Plan

    Description: The City of Frisco invites proposals from qualified vendors with experience in providing comprehensive trail wayfinding services for the City's hike and bike trail system. Project closes Mar 05, 2024 2:00 PM CST.