Bid Tabulation

Bid tabulations are the results of vendors who responded to the bids listed. Totals listed on the bid tabulation are for comparison only. Bids will be evaluated for completeness and compliance with specifications by the Purchasing Division and the using city departments.

2312-029 (PDF)
Community Parks Restroom Cleaning2/3/23TBD
2311-023 (PDF)
Landscape Maintenance Services2/6/23TBD
2208-083 (PDF)
Towing Services9/9/22Award (PDF)
2207-082 (XLS)
Pest Control Services8/9/22Award (PDF)
 2205-066 (PDF)
Water Sewer Meter Parts6/28/22Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF)
2203-041 (PDF)ROW Landscaping6/7/22Award (PDF)
2203-050 (PDF)Preston North Drive Reconstruction5/17/22(Award (PDF)
2202-027 (PDF)Promised Land Drive Reconstruction3/15/22TBD
2203-041 (PDF)
ROW Landscaping4/28/22Award (PDF)
2203-036 (PDF)Dallas Parkway Traffic Signal Modifications04/05/22TBD
2212-019 (PDF)Public Library AV03/11/22TBD
2109-121 (PDF)Short-Term Rental Management Solution10/21/22Award (PDF)
2211-010 (PDF)Traffic Engineering Services01/11/22Award (PDF)
2210-006 (PDF)Camelot Dr Reconstruction11/18/21Award (PDF)
2109-117 (PDF)Parvin Branch Underpass Trail11/15/21TBD
2109-115 (PDF)Frisco #2 Ground Storage Tank Conversion11/11/21Award (PDF)
2108-105 (PDF)2021-2022 Sidewalk Repairs09/29/21Award (PDF)
2108-100 (PDF)Coit Road Widening11/11/21Award (PDF)
2107-092 (PDF)Stop Loss10/07/21Award (PDF)
2107-088 (PDF)Traffic Signal Poles and Accessories08/19/21Award (PDF)
2107-087 (PDF)Recreation Management Software09/09/21TBD
2106-083 (PDF)Generator Preventative Maintenance08/03/21Award (PDF)
2106-079 (PDF)Eldorado Elevated Storage Tank Rehab and Site Improvement09/23/21TBD
2105-076 (PDF)Cannaday Recreation Area Reinvestment07/15/21Award (PDF)
2105-075 (PDF)Print and Marketing Materials09/21/21Award (PDF)
2105-070 (PDF)
Christmas Lighting and Decoration Installation on Main Street06/08/21Award (PDF)
2104-062 (PDF)
Water Sewer and Meter Parts05/27/21Award (PDF)
2104-064 (PDF)
Water Valves and Hydrants05/04/21Award (PDF)
2101-047 (PDF)HVAC Preventative Maintenance03/26/21Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF)
2103-065 (PDF)
Traffic Signal Installation
Award (PDF)
2103-062 (PDF)Reconstruction of Ridgecrest and Lake Trails Drive04/27/21Award (PDF)
2103-059 (PDF)Jimmy and Clara Jones Park05/13/21Award (PDF)
2103-057 (PDF)Cottonwood Branch Stream Stabilization06/10/21Award (PDF)
2102-052 (PDF)Town & Country Blvd03/26/21Award (PDF)
2102-050 (PDF)Legacy Drive Reconstruction05/05/21Award (PDF)
2102-049 (PDF)Materials Testing03/24/21Award (PDF)
2101-046 (PDF)Median Landscape Enhancements05/20/21Award (PDF)
2101-044 (PDF)Life, Disability, and Leave03/03/21TBD
2101-038 (PDF)Panther Creek Reuse WW Trunk Main04/22/21Award (PDF)
2111-032 (PDF)Building Automation and Control01/28/21Award (PDF)
2111-024 (PDF)Landscape Maintenance Services12/17/20Award (PDF)
2111-023 (PDF)Traffic Signal Switch Equipment12/15/20Award (PDF)
2111-021 (PDF)Outdoor Pool Repairs12/09/20Award (PDF)
2111-020 (PDF)Traffic Signal Communications Equipment12/17/20Award (PDF)
2110-014 (PDF)Sidewalk Repairs12/08/20Award (PDF)
2110-011 (PDF)First St Park Reinvestment12/03/20Award (PDF)
2110-009 (PDF)Plumbing Services11/19/20Award (PDF)
2110-008 (PDF)Electrical Services11/18/20Award (PDF)
2110-004 (PDF)Pool Chemicals11/17/20Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF), Award C (PDF)
2009-093 (PDF)Urban Forestry Master Plan10/20/20Award (PDF)
2009-090 (PDF)Traffic Signal Installation at Independence & Lebanon10/05/20Award (PDF)
2008-086 (PDF)Security Guard Services10/01/20Award (PDF)
2008-083 (PDF)Street Sweeping Services09/29/20Award (PDF)
2008-082 (PDF)Ford OEM Parts and Service08/25/20Award (PDF)
Traffic Signal Poles and Accessories
08/18/20Award (PDF)
2007-075 (PDF)Bank Depository Services12/14/20Award (PDF)
2007-072 (PDF)Stop Loss Insurance10/09/20Award (PDF)
2007-070(PDF)Communication Towers Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair08/13/20Award (PDF)
2006-068 (PDF)NW Community Park & Hollyhock Neighborhood Park07/22/20Award (PDF)
2006-065 (PDF)Visit Frisco Marketing Agency07/07/20Award (PDF)
2006-063 (PDF)Roadway Illumination07/07/20Award (PDF)
2005-059 (PDF)
Traffic Signal Installation08/11/20Award (PDF)
2005-057 (PDF)Mold Remediation, Foundation Repair, and Rehab06/23/20Award (PDF)
2005-056 (PDF)Municipal Court Adaptive Reuse06/11/20Award(PDF)
2005-055 (PDF)Water, Sewer, and Meter Parts05/27/20Award A(PDF), Award B (PDF)
2004-053 (PDF)Sidewalk Improvements05/27/20Award (PDF)
2004-052 (PDF)Sign Sheeting05/21/20Award A (PDF),  Award B (PDF), Award C (PDF)
2004-050 (PDF)Internally Lighted Street Signs05/07/20Award (PDF)
2003-049 (PDF)Main Street Median Improvements04/30/20Award (PDF)
2003-047 (PDF)Reuse Pump Station Improvements01/14/21Award (PDF)
2003-043 (PDF)Three Cities Gabion Wall & Slope Stabilization04/15/20Award (PDF)
2003-039 (PDF)Custer Farms Pavement Improvements04/05/20Award (PDF)
2002-036 (PDF)Lebanon Widening05/29/20Award (PDF)
2001-029 (PDF)Concession Services04/02/20Award (PDF)
2012-027 (PDF)Coit Rd Widening09/24/20Award (PDF)
2012-024 (PDF)Telecommunication Carrier Services04/03/20Award (PDF)
2012-023 (PDF)Fitness Equipment PM and Repairs01/07/20Award (PDF)
2012-021 (PDF)Traffic Signal Installation Legacy Dr02/14/20Award (PDF)
2012-019 (PDF)Traffic Signal Installation West Stonebrook101/21/20Award (PDF)
2011-018 (PDF)Landscaping and Median Maintenance01/07/20Award (PDF)
2011-017 (PDF)Monarch View Neighborhood Park12/10/19Award (PDF)
2011-016 (PDF)Above Ground Fuel Storage Tank Regulatory Testing, Inspection, PM and Repairs01/14/20Award (PDF)
2011-014 (PDF)457b Deferred Compensation Recordkeeping Services12/12/19TBD
2011-013 (PDF)Parking Garage Painting01/07/19Award (PDF)
2010-010 (PDF)Automotive Batteries11/21/19Award (PDF)
2010-008 (PDF)Dominion Hike and Bike Trail11/05/19Award (PDF)
2010-007 (PDF)Simpson Plaza Lighting10/30/19Award (PDF)
2010-006 (PDF)Tree Furnishing and Planting10/31/19Award (PDF)
2010-004 (PDF)Dr. Pepper Ballpark Cleaning & Janitorial Services01/09/20Award (PDF)
2010-003 (PDF)Concrete Joint Sealer10/24/19Award (PDF)
1909-139 (PDF)Stop Loss10/11/19Award (PDF)
1909-134 (PDF)Rockhill Parkway Phase 203/12/20Award (PDF)
1908-132 (PDF)Traffic Signal Communication Equipment09/24/19Award (PDF)
1908-129 (PDF)Vial Lake Dam Improvement05/14/20Award (PDF)
1908-125 (PDF)Pavement and Sidewalk Repair09/05/19Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF), Award C (PDF)
1907-123 (PDF)Roadway Lighting08/22/19Award (PDF)
1907-122 (PDF)Hazardous Tree Removal and Trimming09/12/19Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF), Award C (PDF)
1907-120 (PDF)HVAC Service & Repairs08/20/19Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF), Award C (PDF)
1907-117 (PDF)Dallas Pkwy at Panther Creek09/05/19Award (PDF)
1907-115 (PDF)Water & Wastewater SCADA System Maintenance08/06/19Award (PDF)
1906-114 (PDF)Play Frisco Magazine08/08/19Award (PDF)
1906-108 (PDF)Stream Gauge & Data Acquisition Software07/24/19Award (PDF)
1906-107 (PDF)Fire Inventory Management Software07/26/19Award (PDF)
1905-095 (PDF)North Teel Parkway and Rockhill Parkway08/22/19Award (PDF)
1905-090 (PDF)Preston Manor PH1 WW Improvements,06/18/19Award (PDF)
1905-084 (PDF)Tourism Economic Impact06/04/19Award (PDF)
1904-076 (PDF)Cost Allocation Study05/30/19Award (PDF)
1904-072 (PDF)Traffic Signal FM423 and Rockhill05/07/19Award (PDF)
1904-070 (PDF)Tactical Body Armor04/30/19Award (PDF)
1903-066 (PDF)Property Mowing05/23/19Award (PDF)
1903-050 (PDF)Screen Printed T-Shirts05/28/19Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF), Award C (PDF)
1903-058 (PDF)Water, Sewer and Meter Parts04/23/19Award (PDF)
1903-057 (PDF)2019 Sidewalk Improvements05/05/19Award (PDF)
1903-054 (PDF)Overhead Door PM and Repair04/18/19Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF)
1902-048 (PDF)Stonebrook Parkway Median Landscaping03/26/19Award (PDF)
1902-047 (PDF)Roadway Lighting04/09/19Award (PDF)
1901-037 (PDF)Delinquent Tax Collection Attorney02/12/19Award (PDF)
1901-036 (PDF)SCBA02/14/19Award (PDF)
1901-034 (PDF)Employee Concierge02/08/19Award (PDF)
1901-032 (PDF)The Community Garden at Frisco Commons02/26/19Award (PDF)
1912-026 (PDF)Frisco Lake LS Number 1 Rehab01/22/19Award (PDF)
1911-025 (PDF)Street Signs and Blanks01/10/19Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF), Award C (PDF), Award D (PDF)
1911-024 (PDF)Traffic Engineering Services12/18/18Award (PDF)
1911-023 (PDF)Ready Mix Concrete12/04/18Award (PDF)
1910-018 (PDF)Procurement Card Program02/07/19Award (PDF)
1910-016 (PDF)Vehicle Accessories11/29/18Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF)
1910-015 (PDF)Panther Creek01/17/19Award (PDF)
1910-014 (PDF)Community Parks Restroom Cleaning02/06/19Award (PDF)
1910-010 (PDF)Handyman Services11/13/18Award (PDF)
1910-006 (PDF)Concrete Joint Sealant10/25/18Award (PDF)
1910-004 (PDF)Plumbing Services11/13/18Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF)
1809-119 (PDF)Stop Loss Insurance10/02/18Award (PDF)
1808-104 (PDF)Miscellaneous Turn Lane Improvements11/08/18Award (PDF)
1808-097 (PDF)Print Materials09/11/18Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF), Award C (PDF)
1806-089 (PDF)Wellness Program07/10/18Award (PDF)
1805-080 (PDF)Parkwood Pavement Repairs06/12/18Award (PDF)
1805-079 (PDF)The Groves at Frisco Commons06/29/18Award (PDF)
1805-077 (PDF)Directional Boring Services06/21/18Award (PDF)
1805-075 (PDF)GIS Data Conversion06/07/18Award (PDF)
1805-072 (PDF)Generator PM05/24/18Award (PDF)
1804-063 (PDF)Asphalt Road Reconstruction05/18/18Award (PDF)
1804-062 (PDF)Dallas Parkway Repairs05/17/18Award (PDF)
1804-061 (PDF)Water and Wastewater SCADA System Maintenance05/15/18Award (PDF)
1804-060 (PDF)Law Enforcement Uniforms08/07/18Award A (PDF) Award B (PDF)
1803-057 (PDF)Frisco Housing Authority Renovations04/19/18Award (PDF)
1803-055 (PDF)FAC HVAC Systems Upgrade04/19/18Award (PDF)
1802-039 (PDF)Water, Sewer, and Meter Parts03/21/18Award A (PDF) , Award B (PDF)
1802-038 (PDF)Custodial Services03/15/18Award A (PDF) , Award B (PDF)
1802-037 (PDF)City Hall Heating Study03/08/18Award (PDF)
1801-029 (PDF)Park Improvements at Bi Centennial Park02/20/18Award (PDF)
1812-024 (PDF)Online Backflow Management Solutions01/19/18Award (PDF)
1811-023 (PDF)Mosquito Abatement01/12/18Award (PDF)
1811-021 (PDF)Pavement and Sidewalk Repair12/14/17Award A (PDF) , Award B (PDF)
1811-016 (PDF)FD Ballistic Helmets and Vests12/05/17Award (PDF)
1810-014 (PDF)Custer Trail/ Big Horn Trail Pavement Improvement01/23/18Award (PDF)
1810-009 (PDF)King Road Asphalt Overlay12/21/17Award (PDF)
1810-008 (PDF)Air Duct Cleaning11/09/17Award (PDF)
1810-007 (PDF)West Rowlett Creek Trail11/14/17Award (PDF)
1810-003 (PDF)Police Motorcycles10/12/17Award (PDF)
1810-001 (PDF)Landscape Maintenance01/03/17Award (PDF)
1709-107 (PDF)Public Housing Water and Sewer Line Replacement10/04/17Award (PDF)
1707-096 (PDF)GE OEM Parts08/24/17Award (PDF)
1707-095 (PDF)Public Art Master Plan Update08/17/17Award (PDF)
1706-087 (PDF)Discovery Center Painting07/25/17Award (PDF)
1705-083 (PDF)Pest Control07/20/17Award (PDF)
1705-079 (PDF)Towing Services07/20/17Award (PDF)
1705-076 (PDF)Cost Allocation Reporting for Ambulance06/13/17Award (PDF)
1705-081 (PDF)SCBA Testing and Repair Services06/13/17Award (PDF)
1704-073 (PDF)Sign Sheeting05/25/17Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF), Award C (PDF)
1704-066 (PDF)Water Valves and Hydrants05/04/17Award (PDF)
1703-061 (PDF)Sod04/19/17Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF), Award C (PDF)
1703-060 (PDF)Radar and Lidar Certification03/29/17Award (PDF)
1703-058 (PDF)Grit Trap Cleaning04/05/17Award (PDF)
1702-049 (PDF)Fire Loose Equipment03/21/17Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF), Award C (PDF), Award D (PDF)
1702-038 (PDF)Plum Creek Park02/21/17N/A
1702-037 (PDF)Preston Ridge Park02/21/17N/A
1702-035 (PDF)Facility Electric SuppliesN/A02/03/17Award (PDF)
1701-042 (PDF)Waterslide Resurfacing and Painting03/02/17Award (PDF)
1701-034 (PDF)Cleaning, Inspection and Repair of Fire PPE02/01/17Award (PDF)
1701-033 (PDF)Surveillance Equipment and Monitoring02/02/17Award (PDF)
1710-013 (PDF)Police Motorcycles11/15/16Award (PDF)
1710-014 (PDF)FCVB Digital Content11/24/16Award (PDF)
1711-021 (PDF)HVAC Preventative Maintenance02/21/17Award (PDF)
1711-018 (PDF)Dr. Pepper Ballpark Cleaning12/15/16Award (PDF)
1711-017 (PDF)Benefits Consultant10/15/16Award (PDF)
1712-024 (PDF)Street Sign Blades and Blanks01/12/17Award A (PDF) , Award B (PDF)
1712-023 (PDF)Custodial Services02/14/17Award (PDF)
1712-027 (PDF)Asphalt Road Improvements01/19/17Award (PDF)
1607-119 (PDF)Ford OEM Parts and Services08/25/16Award (PDF)
1607-118 (PDF)GM OEM Parts and Service08/23/16Award A (PDF), Award B (PDF)
1609-127 (PDF)Parks and Recreation Marketing and Print Materials10/05/16N/A
1608-122 (PDF)Parkwood Elevated Storage Tank Rehab09/23/16N/A
1605-089 (PDF)Occupational Health and Safety Services06/02/16N/A
1605-088 (PDF)Occupational Medical and MRO Services06/02/16N/A
1602-058 (PDF)West Rowlett Creek Interceptor03/29/16N/A
1603-061 (PDF)Asphalt Road Improvements03/29/16N/A
1612-028 (PDF)Ruff Range Dog Park Phase 202/23/16N/A
1601-041 (PDF)City Hall Painting02/19/16N/A
1612-033 (PDF)Telecommunication Carrier Services02/16/16N/A
1612-028 (PDF)Ruff Range Dog Park Phase 202/23/16N/A
1610-001 (PDF)CVB Website Development10/29/15Award (PDF)
1610-007 (PDF)Police Department Parking Garage10/22/15N/A
1509-099 (PDF)Annual Contract for Irrigation System Repair10/13/15Award (PDF)
1506-078 (PDF)Annual Contract for Trees08/20/15N/A
1505-068 (PDF)Hike and Bike Master Plan06/10/15N/A
1505-070 (PDF)Fire Department Boots06/09/15Award A (PDF) Award B (PDF)
1505-065 (PDF)Cannaday Recreation Area Sod Replacement05/21/15N/A
1503-044 (PDF)Fuel Tank Repair and Painting04/23/15N/A
1504-058 (PDF)Fire Department Hoods and Gloves05/14/15Award (PDF)
1504-056 (PDF)4th Army Drive Reconstruction05/12/15N/A
1504-063 (PDF)Sponsorship Valuation04/28/15N/A
1503-050 (PDF)Design of Frisco Fire Department Facilities04/07/15N/A
1503-051 (PDF)Water, Sewer, Meter Parts03/31/15Award (PDF)
1510-012 (PDF)On Call Engineering Services03/20/15N/A
1510-021 (PDF)Internally Lighted Street Name Signs03/19/15Award (PDF)
1503-046 (PDF)Frisco 1 North Vertical Turbine Pump03/19/15N/A
1501-030 (PDF)Frisco Junction03/19/15N/A
1503-047 (PDF)Electronic Patient Care Reporting03/17/15N/A
1503-045 (PDF)FAC Concessionaire03/17/15N/A
1503-053 (PDF)FDC National Videogame Museum Improvements03/16/15N/A
1502-040 (PDF)Oakbrook Park Parking Addition03/09/15N/A
1502-039 (PDF)Preston Road Median Landscape Replacement02/26/15N/A
1502-038 (PDF)Traffic Counting Services02/19/15Award (PDF)
1502-037 (PDF)CMAR Northeast Community Park Phase I2/20/15N/A
1501-034 (PDF)City Hall Landscape Replacement2/05/15N/A
1501-029 (PDF)Cottonwood Creek Trail2/10/15N/A
1510-020 (PDF)Dr. Pepper Ballpark Cleaning and Janitorial11/20/14N/A
1510-018 (PDF)Parking Garage Cleaning11/25/14Award (PDF)
1510-003 (PDF)Police Motorcycles10/27/14N/A
1510-002 (PDF)Stop Loss Insurance10/28/14N/A
1510-001 (PDF)Traffic Signal Modification Legacy Drive at Warren Parkway10/21/14N/A