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Upcoming and Recent Meetings

City Council and Board/Commission upcoming meeting agendas, action summaries, minutes, and videos are available on the Meetings & Agendas page.  Refer to Search Guide for searching tips.

Upcoming Meetings:  

  • Placeholder shown two (2) weeks in advance. 
  • Agendas are posted 72-hours in advance of a meeting.

Recent Meetings:  

  • Show up to two (2) years of posted meetings. 
  • Minutes posted after board/committee approval. 
  • Videos (if available) posted as they become available, usually within 24 hours.

Previous Meetings

City Council and Boards/Commissons previously held Meeting Agendas, Action Summaries, Minutes, and Videos are available on the Meeting Search page.  Refer to Search Guide for searching tips. 

Previous Meetings: 

  • Agendas, Minutes, Action Summaries, Videos (if available) from 1908 to present.

Meeting Handouts

On occasion, exhibits or handouts are not included on the posted agenda and are made available during a City Council meeting. Those handouts will be available here until the next calendared City Council meeting. If no handouts are listed, none were distributed during the most recent City Council meeting.

Animal Services Update 5-19-23 [PDF]

Performing Arts Complex Summer Work Session Presentation 7-13-23 [PDF]

Downtown Frisco 2040 Vision Summer Work Session Presentation 7-13-23  [PDF]

Grand Park Vision Summer Work Session Presentation 7-13-23 [PDF]

The Mix City Council Presentation 9-19-23  [PDF]

Live City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings

City Business

Archived Agendas/Approved Minutes
The City Council and Boards/Commission recent and historicial meeting agendas, approved minutes, are searchable by meeting date and/or text on the Document search page.  Refer to Search Guide for searching tips.

1908-1960 City Council Minutes:  Chronicled in book format which includes the minutes and various documents from this time period. 

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Ordinances & Resolutions
City of Frisco's Ordinances and Resolutions are searchable by meeting dates and/or text on the Document Search page. Refer to Search Guide for searching tips.

Code of Ordinances
The City of Frisco's Code of Ordinances is codified and updated quarterly. The codification includes quick links to the specific Ordinance(s) used at the end of each section. Note Zoning Ordinances are not included in the codification. 

City Charter

The City of Frisco Home Rule Charter was adopted on April 4, 1987 with amendments made in 2002, 2010, and 2019.

Development Services Ordinances