Housing Authority Board


  • As needed
  • Call the Housing Authority Office for more details at 972-377-3031
  • Attendance is required


Initial Appointment
Current Term Expiration
Fred Lusk110/01/201109/30/2021
Marie Walters210/01/201209/30/2020
Lee Myrben312/03/201509/30/2021
Imelda Garcia4, Resident Position10/01/201809/30/2020
Dennie Franklin510/01/201909/30/2021

About the Board
The Frisco Housing Authority Board is responsible for ownership, maintenance, operation and legal compliance of the existing inventory of federally funded low-rent public housing in Frisco, as well as other low and moderate income housing owned by the Frisco Housing Authority throughout Frisco.

The board is also responsible for the development of new housing opportunities for low and moderate income families in Frisco. The mission of the board is to support and encourage housing opportunities for Frisco's workforce.