Who We Are

Benefiting From Our Investments

Frisco’s Community Development Corporation is dedicated to cultivating the elements that make this a unique, sustainable city, one with ample open space where residents can stretch out, exercise their minds and bodies, and rejuvenate their souls.

Whether it’s jogging through one of our award-winning community parks, supporting our vibrant youth sports leagues or just strolling about admiring some of the finest public art projects in the area, citizens and visitors alike benefit from the investments made by the CDC throughout the city.

About the CDC

Created in 1995, the CDC is a Section 4B corporation under the Development Corporation Act of 1979.  It is tasked with the promotion and development of new or expanded business enterprises, parks and other community projects. The CDC derives its funding from 1/2 of 1% of all sales tax collected in Frisco.

It then spends those dollars by purchasing land, funding construction and investing in the infrastructure necessary to support these elements.