About the CDC

CDC Board of Directors
The CDC Board of Directors is made up of citizens who volunteer to spend their time and energy improving Frisco. Each member of the board is appointed by the City Council to a 2-year term. Members can serve up to 3 consecutive terms.  Meeting on the 3rd Thursday of every month, the board hears proposals from city staff, other boards, and interested citizens with ideas for projects that will improve our city.

How does the CDC decide what to invest in? Taking our cue from the elected officials on the City Council, the board has developed a set of criteria based in the following areas:

Long-term Financial Health
We understand that we’re being entrusted by the citizens of Frisco to invest their tax dollars wisely. As part of that responsibility, we make sure that our balance sheet remains strong and that we maintain the ability to invest in opportunities as they arise.

Public Health & Safety
Parks and open space have been described as the “lungs of a city.” As such, the CDC is committed to investing in earth-friendly projects that improve public health and the environment.

Community Infrastructure
The CDC is but one element in a web of public entities that work to improve the city. We strive to proactively plan and participate with the ISD, FEDC, county, state, and federal agencies to meet our objectives.

Unique Sustainable City
Without a proper sense of place, a community can rapidly develop into a hodge podge of individual developments with no connection to each other. The CDC looks to build Frisco into a destination city, while maintaining our heritage and “small town feel.”

Excellence in City Government
The Board of the CDC is made up of citizen volunteers and is committed to remaining accessible to all residents of Frisco. Our meetings are open to the public and we welcome citizen input in all our decisions.

Leisure & Culture
On top of open spaces, the CDC invests in the museums, the arts and professional sports that make Frisco a place that draws visitors from North Texas and beyond.

Civic Involvement
The CDC is involved at all levels of city government, and beyond. We look to build regional cooperation to create projects that enhance life and leisure, while positioning Frisco as an economic force in North Texas.