Parks Projects

The Parks and Recreation Department is continually striving to provide the city's growing population with quality parks, open spaces and facilities. The department is committed to to having a great park system that compliments the overall image and livability of the city.

Neighborhood Park Development

Bi Centennial

This 5.37-acre park will receive improvements including a new lighted pavilion, playground equipment updates, picnic tables, benches, sports court surfacing, water stations, and light improvements. Improvements are expected to be complete by the end of July, 2018.

Pearson Acres Park

The scope of this project will entail the revision of the existing master plan design as well as the development of an 11-acre neighborhood park, located on Teel Parkway. The development of the neighborhood park improvements include aesthetic improvements, a shade structure, children’s playground, multi-use court, walking trails, and landscape improvements. This project is currently anticipated to be under construction at  the end of 2018. 
Pearson Acres Master Plan (PDF)

First Street Park

The 1.6 acre First Street Park is located at the intersection of First Street and Ash Street in downtown Frisco. The 2017 Park Reinvestment Report identified that First Street Park was in need of reinvestment and improvement. Parks staff met with the community and discussed the reinvestment opportunities for the park in January 2018. The community gave staff ideas for programmatic park elements that will be considered for the master plan such as a loop concrete trail, lighting, and a shade structure.

Hackberry Knoll Park

Hackberry Knoll Park is located near the northwest corner of Teel Parkway and Panther Creek Drive adjacent to Stafford Middle School. The neighborhood park improvements will include aesthetic improvements, a shade structure, children’s playground, multi-use court, walking trails, and landscape improvements.

Special Purpose 

Grand Park - Phase I

Located generally along and west of the North Dallas Tollway; along and east of Legacy Parkway and generally north of Stonebrook Parkway, this 275 acre regional park is the first of its kind in Frisco. Initial master planning for the park took place in 2006 and the planning for the Phase I development of the park is currently underway.

The Grove - Active Adult Center

The Grove Master Plan

This project will involve the design and ultimate construction for the new Active Adult Center (Senior Center). Construction will consist of nearly 30,000 sq ft for residents years 50 plus. Phase I amenities include fitness rooms, crafting and game rooms, a ballroom with kitchen, walking trails, an outdoor pavilion and parking. This project is expected to start construction in 2018.

Harold Bacchus "Tree House"

Tree house  architectural concept

The scope of this project entails the design and construction along the Taychas Trail network and two existing playground structures. The structure will include play features and thematic elements consistent with an open tree fort concept. This structure will be open and visible while still encouraging kids to play in and interact with the natural environment. Providing elements of interactive and thematic play will enable children to create their own story line. This project is expected to start construction in 2018. 

Wetlands Restoration Project

Wetlands Restoration Project is a joint venture between the City of Frisco and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to rehabilitate the flood plans south of Lonestar Ranch subdivision. The project will include the planting of native grasses, plants and trees as well as the reconstruction of areas to create better water flow. This is the largest wetland restoration project the Corps of Engineers has undertaken. Once complete, this area will give residents the opportunity to enjoy the land in its natural state while cleaning up a neglected area of floodplain. The Army Corp of Engineers is actively establishing plant materials with completion expected by the end of 2018. 

Hike and Bike Trails

Frisco has more than 90 miles of Hike and Bike Trails developed throughout the City.  Work will  continue to connection of many of these trails. The overall vision of the City's Hike and Bike Trails is outlined in the Hike and Bike Master Plan which is currently being updated, and once adopted, will be implemented over the next five years.

Active Trail Extension Projects:

Dominion Trails

Dominion Trails Final Master Plan (PDF)

This project provides for the development of approximately 1.4 miles of trail found within the Dominion at Panther Creek development and will ultimately connect westward into the Latera subdivision. Connection between Panther Creek from Hillcrest Road and Preston Road. Construction of phase I is anticipated to begin in  2018 with completion near the end of 2018. 

Taychas Trail Extension (Phase III)

Taychas Trail Extension Plan

This project provides for the extension of the Taychas Trail at Harold Bacchus Community Park from the existing trailhead south if the soccer complex to the trail connection proposed by the Edgewood Development to Coit Road. This trail connector will provide tree installation and a 12’ trail connection into the future neighborhood which will then extend the Taychas Trail moving westward until Coit Road. This project is currently under construction with completion expected in fall of 2018. 

Six Cities Trail

Six Cities Master Plan Frisco Segment (PDF)

This project provides for the extension of the Taychas Trail from Limestone Quarry Park south to the City of Plano trail connection. This trail connector will provide a linkage between Frisco and Plano at SH121 at the West Rowlett Creek crossing. The project has also been awarded a grant that will be administered through the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). This projects is currently under construction with completion expected in the fall of 2018.