Future Parks & Reinvestment Projects

The Parks and Recreation Department strives to provide the city’s growing population with quality parks, open spaces, and facilities, and is committed to having the best park system to complement the livability of the city.

See Frisco Parks & Recreation Open Space Master Plan

Park Development

Frisco Square park site (unnamed)

A new urban park is on the horizon for the community around Frisco Square. A design concept was recently chosen through public input for the 2.8-acre site behind city hall south of Page Street between Jacob and Burlington streets. The design concept is multi-functional due to its location near not only apartments and homes, but businesses, the public library and city hall as well. Possible amenities include an amphitheater, meandering paths, and electrical outlets and Wi-Fi to keep the urban community connected. Proposed landscaping will be inspired by our North Texas Blackland Prairie ecoregion. The park is estimated to be complete in early fall of 2021.  

See map for location of this future park (PDF)
See design concept  (PDF)

Pearson Acres Park

The concept for this neighborhood park on the southeast corner of Teel Parkway and Wynngate Drive pays homage to the legacy of long time Frisco resident and dairy farmer, Charles Pearson and his family. A pavilion and playground sit where the Pearson home once stood, and iron gates from the dairy farm have been incorporated into the design. Public art depicting a milking cow captures the essence of the small dairy farm’s past. Pearson Acres Park is currently under construction. (updated Sept. 22, 2020)

Pearson Acres Park Master Plan (PDF)

Monarch View Park

Construction is underway on this 13-acre neighborhood park near the intersection of Teel Parkway and Panther Creek Drive close to Stafford Middle School. The park design mimics the migration patterns of the monarch butterfly and the landscape will include a native wildflower prairie to attract and create an environment for migrating monarch butterflies and Texas native birds. Other amenities include public art, children’s playground, multi-use court and walking trails. The park is estimated to be complete in early 2021.

Monarch View Park Master Plan (PDF)

Grand Park - Phase I
Located generally along and west of the Dallas North Tollway, east of Legacy Parkway and north of Stonebrook Parkway, this 275-acre regional park will be is the first of its kind in Frisco. 

Wetlands Restoration Project
A joint venture between the City of Frisco and the Fort Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Wetlands Restoration Project is dedicated to rehabilitating the flood plains south of the Lone Star Ranch subdivision. Improvements include the planting of native grasses, plants, and trees as well as reconstruction of areas to create better water flow. This is the largest wetland restoration project the Corps of Engineers has undertaken. Once complete, this area will give residents the opportunity to enjoy the land in its natural state while cleaning up a neglected area of the floodplain.

Active Hike and Bike Trails Projects:

Frisco has more than 47 miles of hike and bike trails developed throughout the city. The vision of Frisco’s trail system is outlined in the Hike and Bike Master Plan.

Dominion Trails

This project develops approximately 1.4 miles of trail located within the Dominion at Panther Creek development. The trail will connect westward into the Latera subdivision, providing a connection between Panther Creek from Hillcrest and Preston Roads.

Dominion Trails Final Master Plan (PDF)

Six Cities Trail Connector
(Collin County Regional Trails Master Plan)

Frisco’s hike and bike trail system will soon to connect to Plano through the Six Cities Trail Plan, part of the larger Collin County Regional Trail Master Plan which connects the cities of Frisco, Plano, Allen, Richardson, McKinney and Garland. This project extends Taychas Trail at Limestone Quarry Park south along Rowlett Creek to Plano going under the Sam Rayburn Tollway at Custer Road. The trail connection is expected to be complete late summer 2020.

Collin County Regional Trails Master Plan

Reinvestment Projects

Cannaday Recreation Area

This  4-acre park is located between Adelle R. Clark Middle School and Noel A. Smith Elementary School, near the intersection of Lebanon Road and Borchardt Drive and has been identified for reinvestment. This project is currently in the design concept phase. Park staff met with Frisco ISD to present ideas and receive design feedback. The design phase is expected to last 3-6 months, with a construction timeline of 9-12 months. (Updated Sept. 22, 2020)

First Street Park

The 1.6 acre First Street Park is located at the intersection of First Street and Ash Street in downtown Frisco. The 2017 Park Reinvestment Report identified First Street Park needs improvements. Reinvestment opportunities were discussed with community members in January 2018. Ideas under consideration for the master plan include a loop concrete trail, lighting, and a shade structure.