Bike Safety

Share the Road

The City of Frisco is a partner in the Share the Road campaign. The campaign is designed to improve relationships between everyone on the roadways: motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Everyone has a responsibility to be courteous and forgiving. When we share the road, we can all travel safer. Remember these simple tips:

  • Motorists must yield to pedestrians and bicyclists in crosswalks and at driveways.
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way over bicyclists.
  • Bicyclists should ride single file, in the right-hand lane, with traffic and follow the same rules as cars.
  • Motorists passing bicyclists must maintain three feet of safe clearance from the bicyclist.
  • Before opening your car door, look for approaching bicyclists.
  • Always make eye contact with other roadway users. Remember: when in doubt, wait.
  • Pedestrians should cross the street within the crosswalk and enter on the walk signal.

Smart Cycling Program Videos

The League of American Bicyclists offers the Smart Cycling Program videos designed to increase knowledge of bicycling safety.

Bike Safely Frisco

Crash Data Maps

Crash data maps track all road accidents involving bicyclists from 2006 forward and were generated by the Frisco Police Department at the Bicycle Advisory Committees request. Bicycle crash data maps allow residents to identify areas where accidents have previously occurred to help navigate roadways in the safest possible manner. The City of Frisco is currently addressing all possible safety concerns that may create unsafe bicycling conditions in areas where crashes are more frequent.

Bike and Pedestrian Safety Classes

The Frisco Fire Department offers bike and pedestrian safety educational programs at Frisco Fire Safety Town. Visit the Safety Town website to learn more about these programs or contact the Frisco Fire Administration at 972-292-6300 during normal working hours.

Bike Safety Resources