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Frisco is proud to be a Bicycle Friendly Community with The League of American Bicyclists! The City of Frisco's dedicated bike-ways include bike lanes, designated routes, multi-use paths and off-road soft surface biking trails.

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Bike Routes

Bike SignsDesignated bike routes are identified on roadways by green Bike Route signs. These signs are most commonly found at intersections on major and minor roads. As a bicyclist approaches one of these intersections, they will see a green Bike Route sign with arrows indicating which direction the bike route continues.

May Use Full Lane Signs

May Use Full Lane Bike SignMany roadways in Frisco display bicycle May Use Full Lane signage. The signs serve as a reminder to motorists and bicyclists that state law gives bicyclists the right to occupy the outside travel lane on a road. These signs are installed where travel lanes are too narrow for a vehicle to safely pass a bicycle in the same lane. Motorists should change lanes in these areas to pass a bicyclist. The regulatory sign (pictured, right) denotes the bicyclist has the right to occupy the entire outside travel lane.

Share The Road Signs

Share the RoadA few roads in Frisco have the yellow Share The Road signs. On these sections of roadway, the outside travel lane is at least 14’ wide, and a vehicle can legally stay in that lane to pass a bicyclist if it is safe to do so. Whenever possible, it is best for motorists to change lanes to pass a bicyclist.

Both motorists and bicyclists are responsible for following the rules of the road. When we work together and share the road, we can all travel safer.

Multi-Use Paths

Frisco’s multi-use paths are physically separated from streets and are shared by bikes, pedestrians, runners, skaters and non-motorized scooters. Multi-use paths are paved surfaces found within our parks, adjacent to roadways, or within green space around existing development.

Hike & Bike Master Plan

Off-Road Soft Surface Trail

Frisco’s Mountain Bike Trail was built by volunteers of the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association (DORBA), Shawnee Trail Cycling Club and Frisco Cycling Club in partnership with the City of Frisco. The property is owned by the City of Frisco and maintained by the above local cycling groups. All-City of Frisco rules and regulations apply. Although the trail was built as a mountain bike trail, walkers and runners are encouraged to use the trail as well.

Local Cycling Clubs

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Bike Safety

The City of Frisco is a partner in the "Share the Road" campaign, designed to improve relationships between everyone on the roadways: motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Everyone has a responsibility to be courteous and forgiving. When we share the road, we can all travel safer! 

Remember these simple tips:

  • Motorists must yield to pedestrians and bicyclists in crosswalks and at driveways.
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way over bicyclists.
  • Before opening your car door, look for approaching bicyclists.
  • Always make eye contact with other roadway users. Remember: when in doubt, wait.
  • Pedestrians should cross the street within the crosswalk and enter on the walk signal.

Smart Cycling Program Videos

The League of American Bicyclists offers the Smart Cycling Program videos designed to increase knowledge of bicycling safety.

Bike and Pedestrian Safety Classes

The Frisco Fire Department offers bike and pedestrian safety educational programs at Frisco Fire Safety Town. Visit the Safety Town website to learn more about these programs or contact the Frisco Fire Administration at 972-292-6300 during normal working hours.

Other Resources

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