Reduce Junk Mail

Opt-Out Listings

The following links will allow you to opt-out of bulk junk mail.


  • National Do Not Mail List: Once you register to opt-out with this website, your confirmation email contains more links to opting out of pre-screened credit offers and the Direct Marketing Association’s opt-out website.
  • Opt-Out Prescreen Service: Referenced by DirectMail and the Direct Marketing Association’s Opt-Out Website; allows users to opt-out of receiving offers as a result of credit companies pre-screening and releasing your credit information.
  • Catalog Choice Mail Stop App: Free downloadable mobile app allows you to take pictures of mail you no longer wish to receive and eventually stop many bulk mailings.
  • Fight Identity Theft: Offers information about opting out of bulk mailings as a way to protect your identity; contains additional information about how to stop telemarketing calls.
  • Federal Trade Commission’s Your Right To Privacy: Information about your right to privacy.
  • Federal Trade Commission Bulk Mail: Opting out of bulk mailings and pre-screened credit offers.