Private Development

The Engineering Services Department works closely with the Development Services Department to make sure all new residential, commercial, and industrial developments are designed and constructed to the highest possible standards. Engineering Services reviews the design of every aspect of site layout, including water and sewer lines, drainage, public roadways, driveways, the access between properties, and parking layout. If any part of the design is not satisfactory, we will work with the developer to have changes made to the plans.

The Design Standards (PDF) developed by the Engineering Services Department have been approved by the City Council and are enforced by ordinance. In addition to these standards, the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision Ordinance also regulate the type of development that can be constructed and the necessary improvements that must be constructed with a development.

To assist with the design process, the Engineering Services Department has developed various Design Standards (PDF) and Construction Details (PDF). During the construction process, City Construction Inspectors regularly visit construction sites to insure all public improvements are constructed to city standards.

The Engineering Services Department has also developed a brief document, Developing Near Streams (PDF), containing some issues that should be considered as the initial development site plan is being envisioned.