Common Violations

The following are the most common code violations:

  • Building Complaints
  • Fences, Decks, Arbors and Accessory Buildings
  • Garage Sale Signs
  • Grass, Weeds (Tall Vegetation), Tree Limbs and Shrubs, Trash, Litter and Debris 
  • Home-Based Businesses
  • Motor Vehicles and Parking Complaints
  • Open House Signs
  • Swimming Pools and Spas
  • Unsafe Structures (abandoned buildings, dilapidated structures, open wells, etc.)

Building Complaints

Building Permits and/or Fence Permits are required for new construction, including fence installations, room additions and alterations, remodels, roof repairs and installations, etc. If you suspect construction may be occurring without issuance of a permit, report your concern to Building Inspections at (972) 292-5301. You may also leave a voice mail message at 972-292-5301 press '0' or send your concern email Building Inspections or email Code Enforcement.  A Building Inspector or Code Enforcement Officer will need the physical street address or cross-streets location to research and inspect the property.

Building site complaints (i.e., builder trash and debris, erosion control, mud in street, etc.) may be reported to Building Inspections at (972) 292-5301 or email.

Fences, Decks, Arbors & Accessory Buildings

Property owners are responsible for maintenance of accessory structures, decks, fences, etc. on their property. Fences that lean, have missing slats or posts, or decayed are in violation. Anyone who installs a fence, deck, arbor or other accessory structure must obtain a Building Permit prior to construction. Fence Permits are required prior to the construction of new and replacement fences. You may obtain a Building Permit and/or Fence Permit from Building Inspection.

Garage Sale Signs

Garage Sale Signs do not require the issuance of a Sign Permit. A Garage Sale Sign shall not be erected earlier than 6 a.m. on the Friday before the garage sale and must be removed by 6 p.m. on the Sundays following the garage sale held during the same weekend. Garage Sale Signs shall not be erected Monday through Thursday.

Garage Sale Signs are allowed to be installed on private residential property with the consent of the property owner. Do not place Garage Sale Signs on fences, poles, trees or railings. Make sure the signs do not contain any balloons, streamers or similar materials. Garage Sale Signs must not block drivers' visibility and should be placed 10 to 15 feet from the curb or street pavement. Do not decorate and/or park a vehicle at an intersection, or place signs on a vehicle, to advertise for a garage sale.

You may contact Code Enforcement at 972-292-5302 or a Customer Service Representative at 972-292-5301. Press '0', if you have questions.

Grass, Weeds (Tall Vegetation), Tree Limbs & Shrubs

Property owners and residents are responsible for the maintenance of their yards, easements and alleyways. Ground vegetation cannot exceed twelve (12") inches. Tree limbs and shrubs must not obstruct drivers' visibility. Alleys and sidewalks must be kept free of overhanging limbs and branches. Property owners who regularly cultivate (plant crops) their properties are required to mow the outer perimeters and maintain the right-of-way adjacent to their properties.

To report a complaint regarding tall vegetation, contact the Code Enforcement at 972-292-5302 or email.

Home-Based Businesses

A resident may operate a business within a residential home as long as the home-based occupation meets the requirements of the Home Occupation Ordinance. For additional questions regarding the Home Occupation Ordinance, please call 972-292-5350. To report a Home Occupation violation, contact Code Enforcement at 972-292-5302 or email.

Motor Vehicles & Parking Complaints

Complaints regarding vehicular parking and/or motor vehicles (boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, etc.) or other vehicular concerns, should be directed to the Police Department at 972-292-6010.

Guests who visit from outside Collin or Denton counties may request a Visitor On-Street Parking Permit from the Police Department for a temporary period of time not to exceed five (5) days.

Noise Violation Complaints

Noise violations (i.e., barking dogs, construction site machinery, loud music, etc.) may be reported to the Police Department at 972-292-6010.

Swimming Pools & Spas

Complaints regarding public, semi-public or private swimming pools and/or spas may be reported to Code Enforcement at 972-292-5302 or email. This includes pools and/or spas that lack regular maintenance; inadequate gate operation; and improperly installed or dilapidated fences and/or barriers.

Trash, Litter & Debris

All property owners, residents, and businesses are required to keep their property clean and free of trash and hazardous items, and to properly dispose of and/or discard debris. Litter, appliances, combustible materials, hazardous chemicals, vehicle parts, construction and landscape materials, tires, and other unsafe, unsanitary and/or unsightly matter are objectionable. To report a complaint regarding trash, debris or other unsightly matter at a property, contact Code Enforcement at 972-292-5302 or send your concerns via email.

For trash pickup or receptacle requests, please contact Environmental Services at 972-292-5900.

Unsafe Structures

Complaints regarding dangerous structures such as open wells, storm shelters, dilapidated buildings or fences may be reported to Code Enforcement at 972-292-5302 or via email. The structure may require demolition or securing from entry to prevent safety hazards. If there is an immediate safety issue regarding an unsafe structure or unsecured pool, contact Code Enforcement at 972-292-5302 during regular business hours. You may also call the Police Department at 972-292-6010. Police Communications will contact an "on-call" Code Enforcement Officer to inspect the property.