Salary & Benefits

The Frisco Police Department is highly competitive in its pay and benefits and offers numerous forms of incentive pay for police officers for bilingual certification, education, training certifications, and more.

Police Officer Salaries

New police officers fall into one of two categories when hired: police officer cadet or police officer. Police officer cadets are those new hires who are not certified and must first attend a regional police academy. Frisco Police Department will pay for academy tuition and pay at cadet salary level. Police officers are previously certified peace officers with the State of Texas. Police officer cadets will move into the police officer pay scale upon graduation from the academy.

PositionEntryFTO completion12 MonthsTop out
Police Cadet$62,264N/AN/AN/A
Police Officer$65,352$70,000$72,100$87,770

Police officers currently top out at $87,770 (not including incentives). Officers normally progress through the pay steps at a rate of one step per year, with the exception of the first year of service when officers move through two steps. The 2019 FPD Pay Plan (PDF) is being finalized at this time. The numbers reflect the new Pay Plan. Police Officers also receive Certification Pay for some specialized skills and certificates.

City of Frisco Benefits

The City of Frisco offers numerous benefits for its employees including comprehensive medical and dental plans. For a complete list of benefits offered by the city, view the City of Frisco Benefits Plan. The city's human resources department is proactive in reviewing its annual benefits plan and routinely makes changes that best serve the city and its employees. City employees receive some of the best benefits in the state.