Inspection Request Line:  972-292-5386
Aaron Arguello, Sr. Building Inspector, 972-292-5342
Charles Kirk, Sr. Building Inspector, 972-292-5326
Chris Whitson, Sr. Building Inspector, 972-292-5327
Gilbert Urvina, Asst. Building Official, 972-292-5329
James Smith, Chief Electrical Inspector, 972-292-5399 

Mike Crain, Chief Building Inspector, 972-292-5325
Mike Trotter, Chief Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector, 972-292-5378
Phillip Climer, Building Official, 972-292-5338
Will Deragon, Sr. Building Inspector, 972-292-5322

Building Inspections is responsible for structural inspections, including all building construction remodels, additions, alterations, certificates of occupancies, signs, pools, and fences.

Required Commercial Inspections
Required Residential Inspections

Schedule a Pool Inspection

Review information on Health & Food Safety's Pools & Pools Enclosures page. Please contact Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304 or email, if you have further questions. To request a residential pool or spa inspection, call Building Inspections' Inspection Request Line at 972-292-5386 before 4 pm for the next business day inspection. You can find who is assigned by searching Permit Information Online (no login required). You may contact an inspector on the Inspector Contact List 

Reach a Building Inspector

Each building inspector is certified in a specific trade and is cross-trained to provide inspections that help ensure safety and quality of each residential or commercial structure for its occupants. Please directly contact your assigned building inspector using the Inspector Contact List if you have a question regarding an inspection result or require coordination. If you have difficulty contacting your building inspector, you may call 972-292-5301 then press "0" for one of our representatives.

Permit Look-Up & Online Inspection Requests

Link to E-TrakIt - Permit & Project Info Online

Schedule a Building Inspection

Telephonic inspection requests: To request an inspection when a project is ready, you may dial the twenty-four (24) hour "Inspection Request Line" at 972-292-5386 before 4 pm for the next business day's inspection.

Online inspection requests: You may request an inspection online if you have established a personal identification number (PIN). Online inspection requests are required before 7 am to have the inspection completed the same day. Following the online inspection request, an email confirmation will be sent to you. (To establish a PIN, please visit Building Inspections 'in person'.)
To cancel an inspection: All Cancellations are made through the assigned Building Inspector. Inspections are assigned at 7am for that day. You can find who is assigned by searching Permit Information Online (no login required). You may contact an inspector on the Inspector Contact List. Cancellations are accepted by voice and text message prior to an inspector's arrival.  

Multi-family Inspections

Building Inspections inspects multi-family housing structures & properties, and helps ensure licensing and annual inspections are compliant. The Multi-family License Application and Multi-family Ordinance are available for property owners to complete and/or view the requirements. To discuss licensing and multi-family inspection requirements, please contact a multi-family inspector at (972) 292-5301 or email