Building Inspections Division

Applications for all building permits must be submitted online using the Plans and Permits portal. Additional information for setting up an account, submitting an application, paying fees, and more can be found on the Plans and Permits page.

Schedule Building Inspections 

All contractors MUST submit Building Inspection requests through our eTRAKiT system.  Homeowners who do not have a contractor associated with their permit may request inspections by email.  The telephonic inspection request line is discontinued effective March 1, 2021.

Contractor Registration

Contractors must be registered and up to date before most permits can be submitted. You must verify the status of contractor registration prior to applying for a permit. Verify the status of your contractor registration. 


Many permits now include a submittal fee. This is not an additional permit fee but is a non-refundable portion of the same building permit fee.  Permit Fee Schedule. 

When is a Permit Required?

The best way to find out if you need a permit is to contact a Frisco Building Inspections representative. Discussing your plans with a representative, before beginning construction or making a modification, will determine whether you need a permit.  Even if a permit is not needed, a representative will answer code questions and may provide valuable advice.

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