Water Management Plan

The Frisco City Council adopted a Water Management Plan (PDF) with water efficiency measures to help curb our city's water use. The plan is divided into two parts: the Water Efficiency Plan and the Drought and Emergency Response Plan. This information provides a general description of the various water use reduction measures.

Water Efficiency Plan

Effective April 6, 2019, Frisco City Council unanimously approved an ordinance updating its Water Efficiency Plan with 'Best Management Practices' (BMPs) for the long-term protection of our water supply.

These BMPs focus on key measures for water conservation:

  • Operating sprinkler systems manually.
  • Using data obtained from our own weather station and rain gauges to determine whether watering is needed.
  • Planting and watering cool season grasses (including rye) is prohibited.

Drought & Emergency Response Plan

The purpose of the Drought and Emergency Response Plan is to conserve the available water supply and protect public health, welfare, and safety in times of drought and emergencies. This plan, which focuses on reservoir capacity and water supply issues, was developed in consultation with the North Texas Municipal Water District.