Juvenile Impact Program (JIP)

The School Resource Officer program manages the Juvenile Impact Program (JIP), which was created in 2007 by the Community Services Division at the direction of the Frisco City Council and local juvenile courts. The first meeting of the JIP was held in August 2007.

JIP brings together law enforcement officers and corrections personnel in an attempt to divert area youth from future involvement with the criminal justice system. Law enforcement personnel give firsthand accounts of the negative effects these youth might face if they continue to make poor decisions and participate in delinquent conduct. JIP impresses upon the participants that they must take responsibility for their actions.

JIP offers an alternative that brings parents and youth together at a time when that relationship may be strained. The program involves parent participation in order to support them in their parental duties through knowledge of the law and the dangers facing their children. This hands-on interaction with the youth and parents reinforces the Frisco Police Department’s commitment to the community. This is all done in hopes families will be empowered with information and knowledge to steer their children away from conduct that may warrant incarceration.

The program targets youth between the ages of 12 and 18 who have been moved into the criminal justice system, most commonly for truancy, theft, and disorderly conduct offenses. The program is available not only to court-ordered participants, but to any family concerned about their child’s involvement in delinquent conduct. There is no cost.

Registering Your Child for JIP
In order to register your child for the Juvenile Impact Program, you must first email Officer Richard Pippen at 469-633-4816 in order to register your student for the next class. Then, complete the application (PDF) and consent form and bring them with you to the session. Failure to submit these two forms at the time of the JIP session may result in your child not receiving credit for attending.

Additional Information 
For additional information please refer to the JIP frequently asked questions section of our website.