Residential Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems are invaluable tools required by City of Frisco Fire Codes in businesses, apartments and large homes. These systems are designed to activate during a fire, which gives people time to escape and may reduce the amount of fire and its damage; however, fire sprinkler systems must be properly maintained in order for the devices to work.

Frisco Fire Codes require all commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems be inspected and tested each year. Annual inspections help ensure antifreeze levels are sufficient and systems are configured correctly to prevent freezing and ruptured pipes. Ruptured pipes may cause considerable property damage and inconvenience, while leaving the structure unprotected should fire break out.

A system's last test and inspection dates are noted on a tag attached to the system's riser or control valve. The tag should also show the name of the company or person who conducted the last test and inspection, along with contact information.