Local Records Check / Clearance Letter

Request for Local Records Check / Clearance Letter

Records Crew- Julissa Taylor Caitlynn Sandra Don AlexThe Request for Local Records Check/Clearance Letter (PDF) (en Español) must be returned to the Frisco Police Department by the person whose background is being checked (requestor), along with a valid (non-expired) driver's license or other official photo ID. Note: If the request is for a minor child, provide a birth certificate, social security card and some form of photo ID of the child, if possible. If a child has no photo ID, we will accept a parent or guardian's ID but we must verify the relationship. All other conditions above apply.


If the requestor does not reside within a 100 mile radius, the Request for Local Records Check/Clearance Letter (PDF) (en Español) and a copy of the photo ID can be returned by mail or email, but must also include documentation from a law enforcement official, consulate, embassy, or other governmental agency, verifying the identity of the requestor. The documentation must be on official letterhead or other form with the agency's stamp or seal. 

The fee is $5.00 and can either be mailed with the required documentation, or upon the requestor's written request, a family member or friend may pick the letter up and pay the fee at the police station.

Letters are processed within 3 to 5 business days (not including holidays observed by the City of Frisco).