Alarm Permits

Apply for, monitor and amend your City of Frisco Alarm Permit - online!

Frisco's Police and Fire Departments respond to more than 8,000 false alarms every year. To prevent valuable resources being tied up in responding to these calls, any person or business operating an alarm system with the intent to summon an emergency service is required to register an alarm system.

An alarm permit must be obtained within 30 days of an alarm system installation.

Alarm Ordinance (in effect January 1, 2017) 
Please note: the following ordinance governing commercial and residential alarm service is in effect as of January 1, 2017.

If you are an existing permit holder, or have received a letter from us advising you of the need to obtain a permit, please follow the directions to update an alarm permit.

New Alarm Permit:

Apply online for a new alarm permit and select New Alarm Users at the bottom of the screen. Complete the application, follow the steps to pay online and enter your email address to receive paperless correspondence.

Print an application for a new alarm permit (PDF). Please submit the completed form and payment via email, mail or in person to the Alarm Permit Unit at the address listed on this page.

Update an Alarm Permit:

To update an alarm permit online and select Registered Alarm Users at the bottom of the screen. Use this site to make payments, update billing address, add email for e-billing and retrieve a password, update contact information, and change alarm company information.

You will use your permit/account number from your letter to log in. The invoice number, found at the top right hand corner of the invoice on the reverse of your letter, is your temporary password. If you have an email address registered with the alarm unit, you can follow instructions on the site to reset your password.

Use the link to complete an update form. You may use this form to cancel an alarm permit, update information, transfer remaining time (60 or more days) to a new permit, etc, then return it to us by email or mail.