Special Event/Parking Lot Sales Permitting

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Please note... we aren't currently accepting applications for special events in Simpson Plaza due to resodding project.

Permits for Special Events

The types of permits that may be needed for a special event are issued by multiple city departments and may include, but are not limited to: generators, signs, temporary food establishment and tents. 

  2. EVENTS 100+

Tents and Events  99 and fewer also include, parking lot and sidewalk sales, marketing  and seasonal events like Christmas tree lots.

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1. A site plan must be submitted with all applications clearly showing all event related activities including tents, bouncy house, games, generators, food truck, etc.

2. Each Business and/or Property Owners are allowed up to five (5) temporary tent permits each calendar year. Permits are valid for two (2) consecutive weeks only. Written permission or a copy of the tenant’s lease agreement that provides permission for a sidewalk/parking lot sale is required from the property owner and must accompany the permit application. A flame-resistant certificate must accompany each temporary tent that is 400sf or larger. A site plan clearly identifying location of tent must be provided.

3. Event cannot encroach into fire lanes or required parking.

4. A temporary outdoor seasonal sales permit is valid for a maximum of forty-five (45) consecutive days for each sale. Written permission from the property owner for the outdoor seasonal sale. Restrooms are required to be within one-hundred (100) feet from any point of sale or cash register. Proof of liability insurance.

For complete details on parking lot / sidewalk sales, tents, seasonal sales or outdoor events please see ORDINANCE NO: 05-09-80 PDF.)

Getting Started

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Guidelines & Recommendations
This page is intended to assist organizations in coordinating and planning events in an efficient manner. Find helpful instructions and forms below.

Special Event Electronic Application
Please complete the electronic application online through our Plans and Permits Portal. In addition, please provide a site plan showing all details and activities during the event for the committee to adequately review your event and assist your organization in a thorough and efficient manner.

Please note that Special Event Ordinance 19-07-59 (PDF) was adopted by the Frisco City Council on July 2, 2019 and Parking Lot and Sidewalk Sales Ordinance 05-09-80 (PDF) was adopted by the Frisco City  Council on September 20, 2005. These ordinances allow for an application fee structure for private special event/parking lot sales applications.

Tents 400 sq ft or larger
Tents that are 400 square feet or more in size require:

  • A fire package in each, 
  • A flame-retardant certificate,
  • A floor plan for what will be under the tents. 

Tow-behind generators must be grounded and secured and may be subject to inspection.  

Sign Ordinance

For event sign coordination plan requirements, refer to our Sign Ordinance, 16-03-25 (PDF), and refer to section 70.15 - Special Event Signage.

Temporary Food Establishment (Temporary Event Vendors)
Temporary food establishments are defined as a food establishment that operates for a period of no more than 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration. Temporary food establishments must obtain a permit from Health and Food Safety, applying no later than 10 business days before the event or celebration.  Temporary food establishments must meet specific criteria, including:

  • Approved only in conjunction with an event or celebration
  • Limited food items to be sold
  • Limited time length of food sales

For more information, visit Health & Food Safety.

Parks and Recreation Facility and Park Use Information

Frisco Parks and Recreation operates several indoor and outdoor event venues that accommodate functions such as parties, weddings, corporate gatherings, performances, fundraisers, and tournaments. Please visit the Play Frisco Rentals page if you are interested in using a Frisco park or facility for your event prior to submitting a special event application.