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Public safety is among the highest priorities for city leaders, past and present. In fact, public safety receives the greatest consideration during the City of Frisco’s budget development process and has for more than two decades. Nearly half of the FY2023 general fund operating budget ($108,613,520 or 48%) is dedicated to public safety.  Below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) specifically related to the Frisco Fire Department. 

What is the Frisco Fire Department’s minimum staffing level?  Frisco’s daily minimum staffing level is 62.  This is the number of firefighters required to staff all our apparatus and safely deliver the highest level of fire protection and EMS services to the residents, businesses and visitors of Frisco.  There are currently 233 career firefighters assigned to fire operations on three rotating 24-hours shifts.  Two shifts have 78 firefighters, one shift has 77 firefighters.  By design, the 15 to 16-person difference in personnel above the minimum staffing level allows for members of each shift to participate in training, take various forms of leave (i.e. vacation, sick time, worker’s compensation, leave) and employment vacancies.  Any day we have more than 62 firefighters on a shift, the additional personnel will be placed on engines or trucks, allowing these to have no more than four firefighters. 

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As an organization, we strive to provide the highest possible level of service to everyone who lives in, works in or visits Frisco. Because of the generous support from our citizens and city leaders, we are able to develop a highly trained and dedicated group of professionals, who provide fire, medical and rescue services. We also provide a number of community programs, including our Citizens Fire Academies and Frisco Fire Safety Town, which enhance fire safety education and prevention.

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