Forms & Services

Alarm Permits

To apply for an alarm permit, please download and complete the Alarm Permit Application (PDF) or visit the Records Division for information about online registration. See also: Alarm Permit Fact Sheet (PDF).

Biased Based Profiling Policy

Read the complete policy relating to biased based profiling for the Frisco Police Department (General Order 6.20 (PDF)). View the Racial Profiling Report (PDF).

Block Parties

The City of Frisco requires that a registration form and supporting documentation be provided prior to neighborhood block parties. In addition, citizens may request the appearance of Frisco police officers, firefighters, and their equipment at their parties. Click here for more information. 

Crash Reports

Motor vehicle crash reports are available for purchase both online and in hardcopy to be picked up at the police department headquarters building. The department's Records Division handles all accident report inquiries.

Home Owners' Association (HOA) Contact Form

The Frisco Police Department needs to have community gate and facility access codes on file in case of emergencies. HOA board members should make sure a Pool and Amenities Contact Form (PDF) is on file with the department.

Hunting in Frisco

Please visit the Hunting in Frisco section of our website for details of the hunting law as listed in the Texas Local Government Code as well as a Map (PDF) that illustrates areas in the city that fall within the boundaries (subject to change) of the law.

Identity Theft Affidavit

The Frisco Police Department utilizes an Identity Theft Affidavit (PDF) in order to help properly document criminal offenses of Identity Theft. This form will assist investigators in the collection of useful information that will be necessary in order to properly investigate alleged identity theft offenses.

Local Records Check

The department's Records Division manages requests for local records checks on persons who reside in the City of Frisco.

Public Information Requests

The Public Information Act governs information that a governmental body collects, assembles, or maintains and states that the information is, in general, either open to all members of the public or closed to all members of the public. Please refer to the department's Records Division page for more information on PIRs.

Solicitation Permits

City ordinance prohibits solicitation or distribution of handbills without first obtaining a written permit. The department's Records Division manages the issuance and maintenance of solicitation permits.

Texas DPS Sex Offender Registry

Pursuant to Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 625, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) establishes this website as the official internet public access to the DPS sex offender registration computerized central database.


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House Watch Program

The Frisco Police Department's House Watch Program is designated for residents who will NOT have anyone (such as pet sitters, someone watering plants/checking the residence, etc.) at their home while they are away for an extended period of time. Click here to request a house watch.