Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is the investigative branch of the Police Department, performing all criminal investigations and working closely with both the Collin County and Denton County District Attorney's Offices to prosecute all criminal cases.


CID is currently authorized at 1 lieutenant, 4 sergeants, and 18 detectives. Detectives assigned to the division are police officers who have been specially selected and trained, and who commit to a minimum of 2 years assigned to the division.
Criminal Investigation Staff at a Crime Scene

Case Assignment

Once a case is received by the Criminal Investigations Division, it is assigned to one of 3 investigative groups: Crimes Against Persons (CAPERS), Property Crimes or the Special Investigations Unit (SIU). Cases are assigned based on the elements of the offense and the investigative focus required by the investigators.

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Additional Information

For more information about the Criminal Investigations Division or to speak with a detective, please call the division's main telephone number at 972-292-6200 or email.