Communications Division 

Many times our citizens’ first contact with a member of the Frisco Police Department is made when they pick up the phone and place a call to one of our dispatchers.  Our dispatchers work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year and are available to answer all non-emergency and 911 calls placed to the city of Frisco.

The Communications Division is comprised of one manager, three supervisors, three shift leads, one training coordinator and 24 dispatchers who work eight-hour shifts to provide 24-hour coverage. Dispatchers are responsible for answering all calls for service placed to the Frisco Communications Center for both police and fire service. In addition, they dispatch for Frisco's Animal Control Division.
Dispatchers are specially trained to handle all types of calls from non-emergency inquiries about police services, to assisting in the administering of CPR during life-and-death situations. 
Frisco Dispatch

911 Calls

Answering 911 calls is challenging due to advances in technology. Besides traditional phones, dispatchers receive 911 calls from cellular phones and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) devices.  Frisco can now receive 911 calls via text from Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T.  The dispatch center is also equipped to handle emergency and non-emergency calls from the hearing impaired.  Not all cellular 911 calls provide location information so it’s important to verify your location with the dispatcher when calling 911.

VOIP calls come in on emergency and non-emergency lines but do not always provide the correct location information.  As a result, it's very important to stay on the line and give an accurate location so emergency services can respond. Additionally, not all VOIP calls come directly into the 911 Center. There are numerous services that have VOIP calls go through a service center, which can notify us of a problem or can connect the person so we can speak to them directly.

Our 911 dispatchers are not only behind the scenes. You will find them at large city events, at Safety Town at Frisco Fire Departments Central Station, as well as talking to the children in our elementary schools.

It is important to take out the batteries of old cell phones and make sure your current cell phone keys are locked to avoid false calls to 911.  If you do accidentally dial 911, stay on the line to let the dispatcher know it was accidental. 

Additional Information

For questions or concerns regarding the Communications Division, please contact the on-duty supervisor for the Communications Division, or call the non-emergency police telephone number at 972-292-6010.