History of the Department

History of the Frisco Police Department

The Frisco Police Department was established in 1965 to service what, at the time, was a very small farming community. In 1965 and years soon thereafter, the department resembled nothing of today’s progressive police agency.

As recently as 20 years ago, the department consisted of a scant 12 employees, including the Chief of Police and dispatchers. To put it in perspective, there are currently more than 180 sworn officers and 70 non-sworn civilian staff.
Frisco PD Poster
Police Headquarters
The Police Department started its operations in a small, old house on Oak Street that had previously been the home of Dr. Erwin Pink’s medical practice. Police headquarters would later move to 8750 McKinney Road (the current location of the Frisco Boys & Girls Club) where the facilities grew to include a holding cell for the temporary housing of prisoners.

Later, with the increasing size of the agency, the Police Department added an annex facility to house the Criminal Investigation Division and Community Services Division, as well as a substation in Stonebriar Centre after its opening for some of the Patrol Division.

In October 2006, the Police Department consolidated all of its operations into one building and moved into its current headquarters and jail facility located at 7200 Stonebrook Parkway. Additions to the police department since that time have included the build-out of the crime laboratory and addition of the 10-lane indoor shooting range.

The Chiefs of Police

Since the agency’s inception in 1965, there have been a total of eight Chiefs of Police (not including interim positions).

Jack Lane was named the first police chief and was not only the Chief of Police, but at times the one and only patrol officer employed by the department.

Since that time, the police chiefs have assumed a more traditional role as agency leader and administrator.

Prior Frisco Chiefs of Police include:
  • Jack Lane (1965-1968)
  • Manuel Anzaldua (1968-1978)
  • Chuck Burton (1978-1982)
  • Jerry Burton (1983-1984)
  • Ron Spears (1985-1986)
  • Roger Wingo (1986-1993)
  • Todd Renshaw (1994-2012)
  • Current Chief of Police, John Bruce (2012-Present)
Frisco Police Chief Badge
Growth & Technology
The city and Police Department both have seen tremendous growth and development over the years. As an example, prior to the introduction of 9-1-1 emergency calling services citizens would have to call a 7-digit telephone number to request police and fire services. Many citizens who called requesting service sometimes could only provide their name or a landmark within the city in order to direct assistance to their location. Today, dispatchers are able to pinpoint callers’ locations on cell phones with GPS tracking and relay it to officers in mere seconds.
Old Police Patrol Car
The department’s fleet of police vehicles is yet another example of what growth and technology brings to the agency. The department’s first patrol car was purchased in 1965. The only equipment in the patrol car was a police radio.

Today’s patrol vehicles are pursuit-rated Chevrolet Tahoes that are specially designed for police work. Inside of the modern day patrol vehicles are mobile data computers (MDCs), radios, emergency lighting and sirens, radars and lasers for traffic enforcement, mobile video recorders (MVRs) that digitally record all audio and video, and a plethora of safety equipment such as traffic cones, flares, crime scene kits, shotguns and rifles, etc.