Employee Assistance Program

We all need a little help every now and then. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is provided by Cigna. There are a variety of resources and support services available 24/7 free to you and your family. The EAP Program is available to ALL City of Frisco employees and includes dependents. These services are confidential. See the below documentation for some of the services offered.

You can call into the EAP at 1-877-622-4327

*If you are a First Responder,  stay on the phone line for the First Responder Prompt.

Employer ID is: friscotexas

Cigna’s behavioral health website and online resources will be at MyCigna. If you already have registered at MyCigna for Medical, Prescription, and/or Dental benefits, EAP will already be part of the digital experience. You can use the search tool found in your MyCigna account to search for EAP content.  You can also connect your family and/or household member to the EAP resources online as well.

If you have issues registering for the www.mycigna.com website, please contact 800-853-2713 for tech support from Cigna.

Other resources the Employee Assistance Program can be found on Cigna’s main website. Here are some quick links: Autism | Eating Disorders | Children & Families | Substance Use Disorders | Military & Veteran Resources |General Health & Wellness|Disaster Resource Center | Mental & Emotional Health

Paid Mental Health Leave - Police and Fire Department Employees

Effective April 2022, the City passed its' Mental Health Leave For Police/Fire Department Employees Policy. 

This policy was adopted by the City to expand the use of paid mental leave for eligible employees within the City of Frisco Police and Fire department who experience a traumatic event in the scope of employment within the City of Frisco. Eligible employees must complete the Mental Health Leave Request Form and submit this to their supervisor within 15 calendar days from the start of their leave: Mental Health Leave Request Form

Mental Health Documents