Medical & Prescription

Group Number: 3341122 | Phone Number: 800-244-6224

You have the choice of two medical plans administered by Cigna. The difference between the two plans are the amount you pay per paycheck, plan deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums. Copays apply towards out-of-pocket maximums. You must use an Open Access Plus Network provider to receive benefits. The plans do not have out of network coverage unless related to a care emergency. You may look up doctors within the plan network by visiting the Cigna website and selecting the Find a Doctor link. Select the "Employer or School" option. Use the search tool to find a doctor in the Open Access Plus network for Medical Plans.

Preventative services are covered at 100% and the deductible does not apply. Review with your doctor on Preventative standards (based on age and frequency) as some services are limited to this benefit.

Medical plan enrollment includes the option to have a virtual visit with a doctor for FREE by using a video enabled device. This benefit is covered 100% through Cigna's Virtual health services. Visit our Virtual Health page to view specifics on using this benefit under Cigna.

New for 2021

  • As of 1/1/2021, employees and their dependents can visit Freedom Total Wellness (FTW) for primary care visits at no cost. Same day or next day appointments available.  Employees may also complete their free biometric screening at FTW as participation in the City's Healthy Here Wellness Program.

When your benefits are effective under Cigna, you will have access to the Cigna website. Your MyCigna online account will allow you to view your ID card, manage and track claims, review coverage, view your account balances (FSA and HRA) and deductibles, and more. If you are on the go, the MyCigna mobile application can connect to your online account so you can manage your health insurance through your mobile device.

For Questions about the Cigna Medical Plans, you can contact our Cigna Navigator.

Email the MyCigna Helper
Phone: 214-490-9002

New Baby or New Adoption

If you are expecting or are adopting, please review the information provided on our New Baby Leave of absence page found here: New Baby and Leave of Absence | Frisco, TX - Official Website ( 

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

The HRA is funded by the City of Frisco and is administered by Cigna. The dollars in this account can be used to reimburse a portion of you and your eligible family members’ out of pocket medical expenses such as deductibles, coinsurance, and pharmacy expenses. Types of eligible expenses are similar to the FSA healthcare spending account. View eligible expenses. The dollars do not expire and the balance on the account will roll over to the next year. You are not eligible for the HRA fund balance when you terminate or retire from the City of Frisco.

You can earn the HRA incentive by participating in the Wellness Program. See the City's Healthy Here Wellness Programs page for more information on how to earn dollars and more details on the HRA account.

Prescription Benefits with Cigna

When you enroll in medical coverage with the City, you automatically receive prescription drug coverage through Cigna.

If a maintenance medication is needed, Cigna’s 90 Now Program allows you more options to how and where you can fill your 90-day prescription. Through the program, you are given the option to fill your 90-day prescription at a participating retail pharmacy. Participating retail pharmacies include CVS (Target and Navarro), Walmart, and Kroger. Please see the below documents to view more information about this program. Specialty medications are a 30-day supply or less. You are able to order specialty medication through Cigna's Specialty Pharmacy services.

The City's Prescription Plan has a Pharmacy Deductible for drugs classed as a Brand script. This deductible does not apply to Retail or Home Delivery Generic or in-network preventative drugs.

  • Individual Deductible: $50
  • Family Deductible: $100

Brand Scripts are a 30% coinsurance with a per script maximum limit. View page 16-17 of the City's Benefits Enrollment Guide for more information on costs for drug type and per script maximum limit.

Prescription Benefit Documents