Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a water efficient way to water flower beds or small areas of your landscape. Existing sprinkler zones can easily be converted to drip irrigation.

Keep in mind that drip zones must run longer than spray heads to get the required amount of water to your plants. However, less water will be used because the drip waters at a slower rate and the water does not evaporate or blow away.

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Converting to Drip Irrigation

When converting part of your system to drip, you must convert the whole zone; you can't just change one or two sprinkler heads over.

Drip tubing is the most common and probably the easiest way to convert spray heads. Supplies can be found at local irrigation supply stores, and conversion kits can be purchased at hardware and home improvement stores.

A common problem when converting to drip irrigation is that the pressure on the zone may be too high, causing the drip connectors to come apart. If this happens, you need a pressure reducer. This attachment will need to be installed to the irrigation line near the valve that runs the drip. The help of a professional irrigator may be necessary in this case.