Pools & Pool Enclosures

Note: The application process will be changing to an electronic submittal in mid-September.

Residential above ground pools, in-ground pools, and spas with more than 24 inches of water require a pool construction permit to ensure safety and quality of work. Regardless of depth, commercial (public/semi-public) pools, spas, and play features require a pool construction permit. Also, Public Interactive Water Features and Fountains (PIWFs), such as spray parks/splash pads require a pool construction permit and have special requirements.

Plan review is required before a residential or commercial pool, spray park/ splash pad or spa may be built. Plans are routed to Health & Food Safety for plan review after a Permit Technician reviews the submittal for all required documentation.

New Applications

Submit pool/ spa/ public interactive water feature permit applications using the following guidelines:

  1. Submit plans as one PDF, not separate pages.
  2. Submit supporting documents as one PDF, not as separate pages.
  3. Submit a copy of the permit application(s) in PDF.
  4. Label the PDF files as follows:
    • SITE ADDRESS_type of document.pdf
    • Do not include special characters (*&^%$#@!) in the file names.
  5. Upload the documents to the FTP Server.

Deviation from these instructions may result in  your permit being rejected or denied.

For Pool permits:  once your application has been accepted you will receive notice to pay the permit fees via eTRAKiT.  If you do not already have an account, you will need to set up an account to access your permits.  Online payments made through eTRAKiT will incur a 2% service fee.  Failure to pay all outstanding fees including service fee will result in the permit not being issued.

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Inspections, Permit Review Status, or Other Questions

Please call Health & Food Safety at 972-292-5304 for residential and commercial swimming pool and/or spa code questions, residential and commercial pool plan submittal requirements, or commercial pool and spa inspections. To inquire if a pool construction permit is approved and ready for payment, please contact a Representative in our guest lobby at 972-292-5301. To request a residential pool or spa inspection, call Building Inspections’ Inspection Request Line at 972-292-5386 before 4 p.m. for the next business day’s inspection.

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