Warrant Information

The municipal court may issue a warrant of arrest if you do not appear on a citation, missed a hearing, or do not pay on a final judgment. If your case goes into warrant status, the amount of fines and fees can go up substantially. You may be subject to arrest by any peace officer at home, work, school or while driving.

How can I clear an active warrant of arrest?

1.    You can pay in full and close the case.

  • If you have been before a judge and a judgment is final (Capias Pro Fine Warrant)
    • Full payment will close the case.
  • If you have not previously appeared or you missed a court date (Arrest Warrant)
    • Enter a plea of Guilty or No Contest
    • Payment will result in a conviction.
    • Conviction will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

I want to see my payment options.

2.    You can post a bond and see a judge.

  • Available if you have never appeared in court or missed a court date.
  • Your case will be scheduled for a court appearance.
  • The bond amount is equal to the window fine and cost plus a warrant fee.
  • Acceptable bonds include:
  • Cash Bond. You can post a cash bond in person only.
  • Surety Bond. This must be approved by the judge before warrants are cleared.
  • Attorney Bond. You may hire an attorney to post an Attorney Bond for you.

I want to get the bond amount.

Offer of “Safe Harbor” when you turn yourself in.

You will not be subject to arrest if you voluntarily appear at the Frisco Municipal Court and make a good faith effort to resolve your warrants. If you are indigent or experiencing financial hardship, explain those reasons to the judge. The Judge may recall the warrant(s), assess your ability to pay and grant a payment plan or consider alternatives to payment.