How to Handle Your Ticket

Option Number 1

Plead No Contest or Guilty and pay the fine.

  • In-Person: You may appear at the Frisco Municipal Court during business hours, Monday through Friday. Fine payment extensions may be granted at the time of appearance.
  • By Mail: Check the appropriate plea on the reverse side of your citation, and mail it to the Municipal Court with a check or money order. Please see the Fines Schedule determine the amount you should remit for payment. To avoid additional fees for late payment, the payment must be postmarked on or before the due date listed on the citation.
  • By Phone or Online: Please see Payment Options for information on how to make your payment using our automated telephone attendant or online payment system. Both options are available 24 hours every day. Please note that when you make a voluntary payment by phone or online, you forfeit any right to request a Driving Safety or Deferred Disposition.

Option Number 2

Plead Not Guilty and request a trial. If you wish to plead not guilty, you and/or your attorney must appear in person at the Municipal Court on or before the response date listed on the citation. Court hearings cannot be scheduled by telephone.

  • Individuals may request a pre-trial hearing online by using the E-Court Pre-Trial Court Date Request Form.
  • In-Person – Appear in person to set a court date for a plea hearing. After you have entered a plea to the judge, a pre-trial hearing date will be set.
  • By Mail – You may also enter a plea of not guilty by mail. To do so, you must write a letter to the Municipal Court and include the following documents with your letter:
    • Copy of driver’s license
    • Copy of the citation

Your plea by mail can not be processed without these documents. Once received, the court will set a pre-trial hearing date and notify you by mail.

Please note, if you plead not guilty, go to trial, and are found guilty, the Deferred Disposition and Driving Safety Course options are no longer available.

Option Number 3

Request the Driving Safety Course (DSC) or Motorcycle Operator Training Course in person, online, or by mail. You may be eligible to have the citation dismissed by taking a Driving Safety Course (or a Motorcycle Operator Training Course if you were operating a motorcycle at the time you received the citation). To protect this right, you must appear in person or provide written notice to the Municipal Court on or before the response date listed on the citation.

Option Number 4

Request Deferred Disposition (Probation) in online, person, or by mail. Appear in person at the Municipal Court during regular business hours or by mail (see instructions below) on or before the appearance date noted on your citation. Requests for deferred disposition will not be accepted by fax. For more information and instruction on requesting a deferral of final disposition, please select Deferred Disposition.

Consequences of Ignoring a Citation

Failure to complete one of the four options listed within 20 business days from the date of the citation can immediately result in the following actions taken against the offender:

  • An arrest warrant may be issued, at which time the fine amount can automatically be assessed the maximum allowed by law in addition to court costs and fees. If an arrest warrant is issued, the defendant will be subject to arrest at home, place of business, or wherever he/she may be found.
  • A request may be submitted to the Texas Department of Public Safety for the denial of driver license renewal.

Inability to pay a fine is not an excuse for failure to respond. Fine payment extensions may be granted in person at the time of appearance.

Special Instruction for Juveniles

Due to the COVID-19 Health Crisis, the Court may waive a required appearance for certain violations provided that the City Prosecutor and the Defendant have reached an agreement and the Court can provide notice to the Parent/Guardian of the Child of any agreement.  Please contact the Court Clerk’s Office by phone for more details on appearance options. 

Texas State Law requires that juveniles (age 10 to 16) must appear in person with a parent or legal guardian for a court hearing, regardless of the offense.    A court appearance is also required to request a Driving Safety Course or Deferred Disposition.

For tobacco and/or alcohol offenses, any defendant under the age of 17 must appear with a parent or legal guardian.