Fine Schedule

Court Fine Schedule

The following fine amounts are valid only if the fine is paid by the appearance date on your citation. After the appearance date, you must pay a late fine amount. If your case is in warrant status, it is recommended that you call the Municipal Court to obtain the correct fine amount. All fine amounts listed include state court costs.

Fine amounts are subject to change without notice at this site.

This list includes some of the most common violations. If the violation you have been cited for is not listed below, you may access the actual amount due online.  You must have a combination of your citation number, date of birth, or license / ID number available to access this information online. Please note that it takes 5 business days to receive your citation from the issuing officer and process it with the court, so information may not yet be available at the court.

Did you get the ticket before January 1, 2020? You can get a fine schedule amount and other information by calling the Court Clerk's Office at 972-292-5555.

Fine Schedule Violations for Citations ISSUED On Or After 01/01/2020 per State Law Effective 01/01/2020

Common ViolationsFine Amount (If Paid by Due Date)
An accident with Vehicle Damage$332
Assault - Contact$479
Animal Noise$229
Contempt of Court$100
Defective Head Lamp(s)$199
Defective Tail Lamp(s)$199
Defective Turn Signal Lamp(s)$199
Disorderly Conduct$209-$581
Disregarded Traffic Control Device$274
Expired Driver's License$154
Expired License Plate$196
Fail To Report Change Of Address / Name$129
Vehicle Registration Violation$196
Unregistered Motor Vehicle$246
Failed to Signal With Turn Indicator$208
Failed to Yield To Right-of-Way$334
Fail To Yield Right-of-Way - Bodily Injury$2,134
Fail To Yield Right-of-Way - Serious Bodily Injury$4,134
Following too Closely$334
No Alarm Permit$523
No Driver's License$196
No Insurance for Motor Vehicle Liability$365
No Seat Belt - Driver / Passenger$184
No Seat Belt - Driver / Passenger - School Zone$209
No Seat Belt - Child$249
No Seat Belt - Child - School Zone$259
Unrestrained Child Under Eight Years Old
Unrestrained Child Under Eight Years Old - School Zone$185
Motorcycle Rider Under Five Years Old
Open Container$329
Public Intoxication$379
Parking Fire Lane$269
Parking Handicapped Zone - First$519 (Minimum by state law)
Pool Barrier / Fence Violation$2,021
Ran Red Light$249
Ran Red Light - School Zone$299
Ran Stop Sign$249
Ran Stop Sign - Construction Zone$249
Ran Stop Sign - School Zone$249
Unsafe Lane Change$199
Unsafe U-Turn$199
Use of Wireless Communication Device In School Zone$359